The Alchemy of Banking - Asset and Liability Management

25th August 2020

As banks face increased competition alongside higher capital requirements coupled with a decrease in spreads, many banks will be looking to mismatch asset and liability maturities to generate a “secret sauce” to generate higher margins. Implementing a strong solution to define, measure, monitor and manage liquidity and interest rate risk is... read more

Whitepaper: Pathways to Operations Control Value

21st August 2020

With increasing regulatory and market pressures in the capital markets industry, executives need access to accurate, enterprise-wide data for insightful decision-making. However, most firms find they spend too much time and too many resources collecting and reconciling data, and not enough time analyzing data to improve operations and mitigate... read more

Financial transaction tax: The automation tipping point

19th August 2020

Company: GBST
With financial transaction taxes (FTT) on the agenda for Spain, the EU and the US, capital markets firms could be facing a major compliance and operational challenge. Download our latest whitepaper for insight into the FTT challenge and how technology can help firms respond to the pace, scale and complexity of these taxe. read more

Culture as code – why cloud transformation is a people matter

18th August 2020

Company: GFT
A successful cloud transformation is about mindsets, processes and cultural behaviour, as much as technology. Cloud migration has become mainstream. In our new thought leadership white paper entitled ‘Culture as code – why cloud transformation is a people matter’, we argue that the transformational potential of cloud is often misunderstood... read more

Unsettling: the increase of foreign exchange without settlement risk mitigation

31st July 2020

FX settlement risk is on the rise The Bank for International Settlements’ Quarterly Review (December 2019) suggests that FX settlement risk is on the rise. Further, and of note, FX settlement risk is growing in currencies not eligible for settlement in CLS. We believe now is the time to address and reverse the build-up of FX settlement risk.... read more

White paper: Building the Capital Markets Technology of the Future

29th July 2020

Company: Murex
In this whitepaper, learn what it takes to thrive in today's capital markets from leaders across the industry, including AWS, DBS, ABN, AMRO and ATB Financial. Key topics addressed in this whitepaper include: • The challenges and opportunities of re-platforming projects • Changing business strategies in an evolving marketing • What needs to... read more

White paper: Reaping the Benefits of Agility in Capital Markets

29th July 2020

Company: Murex
In the fast-evolving capital markets, technology needs to be up to date, scalable and able to cope with the heavy demands. With legacy infrastructures struggling to meet the challenges, adopting a DevOps approach to your technology can help you compete, improving quality, enhancing predictability and increasing flexibility. In this paper, we share... read more

High-Performance Microservices using Java

23rd July 2020

Company: Azul
It is clear that the direction of software development is primarily moving to the Cloud and using Microservices as a way to do this in a flexible, scalable manner. This white paper illustrates why Java is the obvious choice for Microservices, as it has a number of distinct advantages over other languages. However, by using a traditional JVM,... read more

Best Practices for Moving to OpenJDK

23rd July 2020

Company: Azul
This whitepaper explains what Zulu is and how to migrate applications from the Oracle JDK to the Zulu builds of OpenJDK. We have also appended a series of links from the Oracle and Azul websites to help you understand your Java support alternatives. read more

Expanding the Horizons of Fraud Detection

23rd July 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
Discover how network intelligence is driving unprecedented collaboration in the fight against payments fraud read more