Understanding Lean Bank Branches and the benefits for both customers and banks

26th May 2020

Company: Auriga
Lean bank branches are physical locations in which banking services have been optimised to maximise efficiency, slash operating costs and boost customer satisfaction. Find out the 4 key reasons banks should consider investing once the coronavirus lockdown is over. read more

Experience Data Management Study

19th May 2020

What is the purpose of collecting Experience Data in the Finance industry? EASY SOFTWARE conducted a representative survey, in which 502 companies from different industries, each company with over 100 employees, provide an assessment of the degree of digitisation of UK companies. Find out within this survey how other businesses are collecting... read more

7 Social Distancing Ideas For Regulatory Reporting In The Cloud

15th May 2020

Company: AxiomSL
As COVID-19 wears on, financial institutions are experiencing disruptions from the effects of operating with a remote workforce. These disruptions are accelerating their efforts to move to regulatory reporting in the cloud. Deliberations center on whether to take a DIY approach to cloud implementation or use a vendor-provided cloud solution and if... read more

When Independent Amount meets Initial Margin

15th May 2020

Company: Calypso
ISDA’s ‘next generation’ versions of the Reg IM documentation set out three different options for managing the combination of IA and Reg IM, in the ‘margin flow approach’: Distinct (IM) approach Greater of (IM/IA) approach Allocated (IM/IA) approach Each comes with different levels of system and operational complexity and, crucially, a... read more

CRR2 Reforms And Beyond In The Age Of COVID-19

12th May 2020

Company: AxiomSL
“Revised Capital Requirements Regulation Rules: CRR2 Reforms And Beyond In The Age Of COVID-19” is a paper that outlines upcoming changes to regulations, CRR2 reforms, and the resulting challenges faced by financial institutions. AxiomSL offers insight into best practices for identifying and resolving the challenges of CRR2 reforms, and... read more

Reconciliation in the Banking Industry - ReconArt White Paper

11th May 2020

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
In terms of reconciliation and close management best practices, Banking is a particularly challenging industry. High account and transaction volumes, process complexity, a multitude of data sources, ever changing regulatory requirements, and other factors compound to create some of the most intricate and cumbersome reconciliation processes that... read more

How Banks are Fighting Back Against Disruptors With Real-time Payment Paltforms

8th May 2020

The ability to send and receive funds on a ‘real-time’ basis utilising user-friendly tools is critical for firms wanting to stay ahead of the competition. read more

How Reinsurers Can React to The COVID-19 Crisis and Build Immunity

6th May 2020

This paper will explore this 'Gray Rhino' event, some of the issues that have emerged and the technology, processes, and capital approaches that may protect business in the future. In conclusion, it will provide a return-to-the-office plan to assist in addressing this, and the next, risk. read more

AutoRek Factsheet

5th May 2020

Company: AutoRek
Find out more about how your firm can: -Replace manual processes with limitless reconciliation capability -Achieve ROI in less than nine months -Reduce costs by over 75% -Transform your digital future by reduced time spent on administration, IT and operations -Reduce write-offs, audit costs and downstream costs of operation read more