Central Bank Digital Currency: an innovation in payments

4th March 2021

Company: R3
Central Banks are starting to think seriously about issuing their own digital currencies, both to wholesale networks of banks, along with corporates, FinTechs and the general public. The resulting flood of excitement is beginning to activate a diverse group of participants across the payments ecosystem. This paper explores a range of proposed... read more

WHITE PAPER: How ISOs can thrive in the crowded world of Merchant Acquiring

3rd March 2021

Company: TAS Group
The Merchant Acquiring Landscape is undergoing great flux with disruptive forces impacting the market. For ISOs and niche players this presents a real and exciting opportunity to play a bigger role, expand their offering, satisfy their customers’ needs, and prosper. Download the white paper to discover how. A Mercator Advisory Group Research... read more

WHITE PAPER: Last mile connectivity to the financial networks

2nd March 2021

Company: TAS Group
Across the board, whether you are an established financial institution, a PSP, an intermediary, a fintech or a challenger bank, one thing remains true: a desire for simplicity, flexibility and speed when it comes to performing global payments and a need to reduce the impact of compliance obligation and operational complexity. In this white... read more

June 2020 Amended PRIIPs RTS: Performance Scenarios for Autocallables

1st March 2021

In this paper, we focus on the amendments related to autocallables. These products are known by various names in different countries including Kick-outs in the UK, Express Certificates in Germany, Austria, and Italy, and Autocall in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nordic countries and most of Europe. We limit the scope of this paper to... read more

WHITE PAPER: 3DS2: Optimize the buying experience, increase sales, reduce fraud

1st March 2021

Company: TAS Group
As online fraud continues to grow a pace, a trend that has been accelerated by the pandemic, effective, smart, frictionless customer authentication is now vital. In this white paper we explain how 3-D Secure 2 (3DS2): - optimizes the buying experience, increases sales and reduces fraud - offers a smart way to support SCA and SCA exemptions - has... read more

Blockchain and custodian services - New white paper from GFT & Digital Asset

24th February 2021

Company: GFT
Global custodians play a critical role in capital markets. From cross border securities and tax processing of asset holdings, custodians are constantly faced with the burden of direct liability along with the cost and risk associated with indirect asset control. In this new thought leadership paper, GFT & Digital Asset present several solutions... read more

Enterprise Blockchain Now: When to Jump and Where to Push

18th February 2021

Company: R3
A new report from research firm IDC and R3 identifies opportunities for software firms to use blockchain and digital assets to address rising customer demand for digital transformation.  read more

Gartner 2020 Blockchain Platform Report

11th February 2021

Company: R3
Gartner’s analysis of over 1000 blockchain projects highlights how business buy-in and the use of core distributed ledger capabilities has been key to driving focused solutions to production in 2020. read more

Addressing challenges in ESG data management

5th February 2021

Company: alveo
The modern-day investment manager faces many challenges when integrating and enabling ESG data in the decision-making processes. In essence, these issues are not dissimilar from those integrating other types of security master data, but the key problem is that ESG data is wide and disperse – even amongst the top ESG data providers – and to... read more