White paper on ‘Rising Initial Margin Cost and its Impact on FX Clearing'

27th April 2021

Company: Calypso
In its latest white paper on FX Clearing titled ‘Rising Initial Margin Cost and its Impact on FX Clearing’, Calypso explains in detail how FX clearing has changed over the years, the recent surge for FX products to clear, benefits of clearing, impact of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) on trading costs and implications of the UMR regulatory... read more

What is causing the banking operation automation revolution?

27th April 2021

Company: AccessPay
We are now embracing technologies faster than ever. Not only are we actively seeking technological solutions for previously analogue tasks, but we are also demanding better, more integrated products to support our roles. Finance and treasury professionals are amongst those leading corporate digitalisation and automation. The evolution of corporate... read more

When technology intersects with purpose: uninterrupted collateral management

21st April 2021

Executives from global banks gathered to discuss the latest challenges associated with collateral management and why firms should embrace digital transformation. read more

Intraday Liquidity Management: From a cost discussion to a revenue opportunity

21st April 2021

This paper will discuss the opportunities that financial institutions can take to transform the intraday liquidity discussion, from one of an operational burden into one that adds true business value. It will also look at how institutions can leverage nextgeneration technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to... read more

SmartStream breathes life into AIR

21st April 2021

SmartStream Air is designed specifically to allow capital markets firms to manage their reconciliations functions on an ad hoc basis. This research paper focuses on the new ground it breaks in what is historically a complex, expensive and invariably laborious process within large numbers of capital markets firms. The paper is based on a series of... read more

AI use-cases emerge across the back office

21st April 2021

Some of the key findings: - More accurate processing, fewer mistakes, greater transparency and significantly reduced processing times were cited by respondents as the two most significant benefits of implementing AI technology across the back office. - The biggest obstacle to AI adoption is a lack of knowledge about the technology and its specific... read more

SmartStream Air v2 breaks cover...and the rules of data reconciliation

21st April 2021

This whitepaper is based on a series of interviews that took place in the third quarter of 2020 with two of SmartStream’s staff members intimately involved in the development, launch and commercialisation of SmartStream Air v2: Andreas Burner, chief innovation officer for blockchain and artificial intelligence, based in Vienna; and Victoria... read more

Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021: Privacy-Enhancing Computation

15th April 2021

Company: R3
Gartner has identified privacy-enhancing computation as a key enterprise technology trend for 2021 and enabler for processing and analyzing highly sensitive data. In this new report, confidential computing is highlighted as a vital component to unlocking previously inaccessible insight. read more

Quartz™ Magazine - The Future will be Tokenized

14th April 2021

Quartz is building ecosystems that bring together participants in industries including energy and utilities, government, financial services and real estate. Starting with this issue of our redesigned Quartz magazine, we feature our latest thinking about the most promising business opportunities for Smart Ledgers, outline the most innovative use... read more