Mohammed Kateeb’s quick chat with MEA Finance on the leadership journey

23rd February 2021

Company: Path Solutions
In MEA Finance’s February 2021 issue, the Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions, Mohammed Kateeb shares his journey from a computer scientist to entrepreneur and leader in Islamic banking technology. Kateeb believes that technology is not there for technology’s sake; it’s there to respond to clients’ needs. Path Solutions’ business is to... read more

High volume transaction data matching - full automation, zero compromise

19th February 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Automated high volume transaction data matching - simple steps: 1) Prepare your data for matching - transformation & enrichment. 2) Teach ReconArt your business logic - matching criteria and rules creation. 3) Reconcile by your rules - one to one, one to many, many to many, three-way matching relationships. 4) After the matching dust settles -... read more

Fides Conversion Services

18th February 2021

Sending and receiving payments involves disparate exchange protocols and messaging formats. Even XML ISO 20022 is not a global standard. Each country, and each bank, can have its own requirements, and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Fides assures that clients’ payment and messaging activity are accurate and reliable. read more

Enterprise Blockchain Now: When to Jump and Where to Push

18th February 2021

Company: R3
A new report from research firm IDC and R3 identifies opportunities for software firms to use blockchain and digital assets to address rising customer demand for digital transformation.  read more

Blog: Four fintech, finance dynamics to watch in 2021

18th February 2021

Company: Murex
Murex Chief Marketing Officer Stella Clarke details four fintech and financial sector dynamics worth watching in an unpredictable 2021. Read more. read more

The importance of transaction data accessibility to increase user experience

17th February 2021

Company: INTIX
Fintech Finance talked to Eric Bayle, Head of Global Transaction Banking UK, Societe Generale about the importance of user experience and new data technologies to make it happen. read more

Video: MX.3 for SA-CCR: A solution beyond regulatory reporting

16th February 2021

Company: Murex
Listen as Murex’s Frank Heanue and Fintech Finance’s Ali Paterson discuss how the potential capital savings gained from accurately calculating the Standardized Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR) can far surpass the implementation costs. Can legacy reporting solutions achieve the same? Can banks implement an optimal solution on... read more

Two-thirds of Pensions Neglect FX Cost - Financial Times Article

16th February 2021

...a minority of investors appear to want to know whether they are getting good value, some industry groups suggest. FX Transparency, an analytics company, said two-thirds of the 288 pension funds it recently surveyed in North America and Europe “turn a blind eye” to the true cost of currency trades, without probing for a more detailed... read more

Intelligent Banking by Path Solutions

16th February 2021

Company: Path Solutions
Path Intelligence is a platform that enables banks to harness data and analyze it intelligently using the enterprise data lake. It provides significant competitive advantages and helps transform the bank’s business into becoming analytically focused and customer-centric. It empowers bankers to make smarter, faster, and more effective decisions,... read more

Credit Card Reconciliation - Calgary Co-op Case Study

15th February 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Calgary Co-op is a member owned retailer operating food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, home health care, liquor, and cannabis outlets. Founded in 1956 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In expanding its operations, Calgary Co-op saw a substantial increase in the transactional volumes of its merchant accounts, which required automation of transaction... read more