WHITE PAPER: Last mile connectivity to the financial networks

2nd March 2021

Company: TAS Group
Across the board, whether you are an established financial institution, a PSP, an intermediary, a fintech or a challenger bank, one thing remains true: a desire for simplicity, flexibility and speed when it comes to performing global payments and a need to reduce the impact of compliance obligation and operational complexity. In this white... read more

Profile's Group eNewsletter Winter Edition available now!

2nd March 2021

Company: Login S.A.
Profile's Group quarterly eNewsletter Winter 2021 edition presents the company’s news about the selection of its flagship platforms for advanced wealth management by new clients in Russia marking further penetration to the market, the launch of new pioneering solutions for online voting and the upgraded version of Acumen-net the cloud-based... read more

June 2020 Amended PRIIPs RTS: Performance Scenarios for Autocallables

1st March 2021

In this paper, we focus on the amendments related to autocallables. These products are known by various names in different countries including Kick-outs in the UK, Express Certificates in Germany, Austria, and Italy, and Autocall in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nordic countries and most of Europe. We limit the scope of this paper to... read more

WHITE PAPER: 3DS2: Optimize the buying experience, increase sales, reduce fraud

1st March 2021

Company: TAS Group
As online fraud continues to grow a pace, a trend that has been accelerated by the pandemic, effective, smart, frictionless customer authentication is now vital. In this white paper we explain how 3-D Secure 2 (3DS2): - optimizes the buying experience, increases sales and reduces fraud - offers a smart way to support SCA and SCA exemptions - has... read more

Profile's eNewsletter Winter Edition available now!

1st March 2021

Company: Profile Software
Profile's quarterly eNewsletter Winter 2021" edition presents the company’s news about the selection of Axia its flagship platform for advanced wealth management by new clients in Russia marking further penetration to the market, the launch of ‘Profile Vote ’the new pioneering platform for online voting and the upgraded version of Acumen-net... read more

Account Reconciliation for eCommerce

26th February 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Reconciliation finds its place in any and every accounting practice, but for some business models it has become a central issue. Transactional industries stand out as the most obvious example, where huge volumes and speed of exchange operations are typical characteristics on top of cash amounts turnover. Retail business and the e-commerce segment... read more

Artificial Intelligence, Intelligently Applied

25th February 2021

Company: GFT
In the very first episode of our brand new podcast series on AI entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence, Intelligently Applied’, our host Simon Thompson speaks to fellow GFT AI specialists about the best practices on offer and how best to utilise them for your business. read more

How much to hedge and when? HedgePilot - an AI-Based FX-Hedging Tool

25th February 2021

Global financial markets are flooded with information, opinions and advice on the expected development of currency rates. Those responsible for managing FX exposures suffer from the headache that nobody can predict exchange rate movements dependably in the long-term. Consequently, FX hedging decisions frequently remain based on guesswork. This... read more

The 5 Pillars of Good Governance for Family Offices

24th February 2021

Company: FundCount
As Ayn Rand said, “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” Good governance, however, puts you in the driver’s seat. It provides a framework to guide decision-making and safeguard the family’s wealth for generations to come. Discover the five pillars that will help get you... read more

Blockchain and custodian services - New white paper from GFT & Digital Asset

24th February 2021

Company: GFT
Global custodians play a critical role in capital markets. From cross border securities and tax processing of asset holdings, custodians are constantly faced with the burden of direct liability along with the cost and risk associated with indirect asset control. In this new thought leadership paper, GFT & Digital Asset present several solutions... read more