iMAL*RiskManagement - Manage Your Risk Effectively With Path Solutions

13 Mar 2019
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13 Mar 2019
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White paper
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iMAL*RM is a standalone risk management platform that allows financial institutions to set up their enterprise risk management framework which covers credit, market, liquidity and operational risks.

iMAL*RM provides a powerful, highly parameterized, and yet easy-to-use solution for several risk areas and compliance requirements. It allows financial institutions to proactively manage their risks through various detailed management and analytical features, such as what-if analysis, sensitivity analysis, and stress testing.
It also offers ready-to-deploy comprehensive dashboards, reports, and analytics tools for both regulatory and the institution’s own risk management needs.

The solution is a part of Path Solutions’ compliance suite that includes compliance with the latest impending regulations such as FATCA, CRS, IFRS 9 and AML, that banks across the world are gearing up for. Path Solutions addresses all the necessary compliance requirements and clears the way for financial institutions to focus on a better future.

Download the product concept note to know more about iMAL*RiskManagement.
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