Van Lanschot case study

21st February 2019

Company: Five Degrees
Van Lanschot replaced the bank’s Siebel CRM system with five°degrees' digital banking platform Matrix. Within current projects, the bank adopts the workflow aspects of the system to bring improved automation in areas such as client onboarding. read more

Accuity Infographic: Asia’s Top Financial Crime Screening Challenges

21st February 2019

Company: Accuity
Accuity recently conducted a market survey of over 150 compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) professionals in Asia, to understand their financial crime compliance screening challenges. Download the infographic to discover key compliance insights from the region. read more

How Millennium bcp Made the #NextGenBank a Reality

21st February 2019

Company: Auriga
Like so many other banks, Millennium bcp is reviewing its large branch network. While this has led to some closure and relocation of branches, Millennium BCP was determined to use the review as an opportunity to create a new kind of customer-centric branch format for the future. To ensure long-term protection of their estate, Millennium BCP... read more

Case Study: Improving Operations with FundCount's Integrated Accounting Software

20th February 2019

Company: FundCount
FundCount enables Benefit Trust, an institutional trustee and custodian, to perform all core portfolio accounting functions and run financial reporting in a single system. From automating the calculation of interest on Guaranteed Insurance Contracts in multiple portfolios to automating the dividend process, FundCount has provided across-the-board... read more

Accuity Infographic: Destinations for Illicit Money from Latin America

20th February 2019

Company: Accuity
Trade-based money laundering, typically through trade mis-invoicing, has become a key vehicle for illicit financial flows around the world. Latin America and the Caribbean are focal points for inflows and outflows of this particular type of financial crime, and scandals like the Panama Papers and the Odebrecht investigations have drawn attention to... read more

Branch Transformation for Financial Institutions: 2019 Industry Guide

20th February 2019

Company: Auriga
In this study, sponsored by Auriga, ATM Marketplace investigates the main causes of disruption to the traditional branch banking model, and the distribution strategies banks are adopting — or planning to adopt — in order to achieve greater efficiency while constantly improving the customer experience. Another purpose of the research is to... read more

Accuity Infographic: Top Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Challenges for Legal Firms

19th February 2019

Company: Accuity
Do you know the aspects of anti-money laundering that are causing legal firms the most pain? We have collated the responses from our 2018 Challenges of AML for Law Firms survey in this infographic. Find out the top three challenges and the most popular channels used to address screening requirements, as shared by compliance professionals working... read more

Accuity White Paper: Virtual Currencies, the Wild West of Finance?

18th February 2019

Company: Accuity
When it comes to protecting your reputation and minimising risk, are you concerned about virtual currencies? As the use of virtual currencies develops, regulators are confronted with a decentralised technological paradigm that can be difficult to regulate or ban, providing fertile grounds for financial crime risks. This report highlights not only... read more

Accuity Industry Report: Findings From the 2018 Accuity KYC Survey

15th February 2019

Company: Accuity
Accuity surveyed over 100 banks, financial institutions, corporates, and government and regulatory bodies across all regions to gain deeper insight into their pain points when conducting financial counterparty KYC. This industry report analyses the results to provide a global view of the latest trends, including the increased emphasis on the need... read more