17a-4's Compliance Lexicons

26th February 2020

Company: 17a-4, llc
Many financial institutions have a requirement to monitor messaging activities and flag messages that might indicate a violation of business conduct or policies. In order to help our clients, we provide a list of compliance lexicons which may be incorporated into Microsoft's O365 or other supervisory systems. For instance, if WhatsApp, WeChat,... read more

Improving Customer Experience through Remote Account Opening

26th February 2020

A multi-national bank has customers in 70 different countries, many of which do not have physical branches. Workflow previously required remote customers to verify identity through a branch or on-site visit to an embassy, coupled with paper forms to be completed. Not only was this inconvenient to customers, it slowed down the process and enabled... read more

DataParser for Azure Blob Storage

26th February 2020

Company: 17a-4, llc
Many clients find that Azure Blob is a very cost-effective platform for storing electronic records in compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4 and other types of regulatory / compliance content. The DataParser manages the entire process from writing out to Azure Blob, to setting retention period and, if appropriate, monitoring disposition. read more

Introduction to the DataParser

26th February 2020

Company: 17a-4, llc
The DataParser is used by over 500 institutions to capture 3rd party content and format for many archival platforms including Microsoft's O365, G Suite, EnterpriseVault, Mimecast and Cryoserver. It captures the necessary metadata and preserves the 'chain of custody' so that capture content may be used for regulatory productions and eDiscovery. read more

Protecting against fake identities and large scale online impersonation attacks

26th February 2020

Company: iProov
iProov face biometric products provide enhanced protection against synthetic identities and impersonation attacks: - Defend your institution with passwordless authentication - Protect against presentation attacks, including bots, replicas and scalable replays - Enable your customers to enrol for your services quickly, safely and effortlessly -... read more

Paget-Brown Gains Operational Efficiency and Scalability with FundCount

25th February 2020

Company: FundCount
FundCount provides the fund administration department of Cayman Island based Paget-Brown Trust Company with a single integrated solution that streamlines operations and delivers significant efficiencies. FundCount supports accounting and analysis for all asset types, investments and fund structures as well as offers flexible reporting with ‘slice... read more

Does Cash Forecasting really matter?

25th February 2020

Company: Analyste
Cash forecasting continues to be the one area that many senior treasury and finance professionals struggle to do well. So what’s the secret to getting it right? read more

A guide to selecting a Treasury ALM system

21st February 2020

Company: MORS Software
On the lookout for a new Treasury or ALM system (or both) for your bank? Download the guide and find the best solution for your bank! As the financial industry has evolved, so have the Treasury and Asset Liability Management tools and technology. We put together a comprehensive guide of the top tips, features, and questions you should be focused... read more

Financial Services: Competing in Customer Experience

20th February 2020

Company: DataMotion, Inc.
Customer experience matters! Read about how a Secure Message Center solution provides an improved customer experience, and works well with existing infrastructure or as part of a new client services portal, mobile app – or as a contact center or CRM upgrade. As a leading provider of data privacy and security solutions, DataMotion has earned a... read more