Part 2: How to enhance your implementation of FinCEN's Beneficial Ownership Rule

23rd August 2019

During Part 2 of this webinar, the following topics are covered: Storing, managing, and maintaining beneficial ownership data Opportunities for enhanced transaction monitoring and customer risk assessment from beneficial ownership data Documentation: The key to regulatory compliance read more

Part 1: How to enhance your implementation of FinCEN's Beneficial Ownership Rule

23rd August 2019

During Part 1 of our webinar, Laurie Kelly, CAMS explores how to Identifying beneficial ownership, including the legal entity How to collect, store, manage and maintain beneficial ownership information Identity verification for beneficial owners read more

Detecting and preventing bank fraud

23rd August 2019

Banks face many challenges when tackling the issue of fraud. Operations in many jurisdictions with different compliance and due diligence requirements; a variety of products and services including loans, investments, mortgages, credit cards and day-to-day banking operations; and customer and transaction data stored in various IT and core systems... read more

Tips on how to comply with FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Rule

23rd August 2019

This 24-page white paper explores the most significant challenges faced by financial institutions in implementing the beneficial ownership requirement of the CDD Rule as well as recommendations for complying with the various requirements. It includes the following sections tips on: Identifying beneficial ownership, including the legal entity How... read more

Success story | Bilfinger's Payments Success

23rd August 2019

Company: BELLIN
How Bilfinger achieved 15% bank fee reduction  30% reduction in processing costs  50% less administrative efforts for account maintenance  100% increase in transparency/visibility and security  100% satisfaction with implementation read more

Electronification of Trading Operations

22nd August 2019

Company: Finastra
Electronification of Trading Operations – The Advantages, Challenges, and The Way Ahead. Trading is an area of differentiation for banks. That’s why many have completed (or are close to completing) significant upgrades in their FX trading platforms. read more

2019 UK banking customer survey

22nd August 2019

Company: Five Degrees
Banks need to keep up with fast-changing customer demands to provide a seamless customer-experience. But what do customers really demand from their banks? And how can banks meet those demands? We asked more than 2000 UK banking customers consumers what they think about their banks, what their favourite access channels are, and which services they... read more


22nd August 2019

Company: Analyste
GardaWorld's cash forecasting process was previously completely manual, which was impractical and took a lot of time. They wanted to save time and improve the reliability of the forecasts, so they introduced Analyste CashForecasting. Learn more about GardaWorld's experiences with Analyste CashForecast. read more

Pressures On Global Shareholding Disclosures are Mounting

20th August 2019

Company: AxiomSL
The job of managing global shareholding disclosures (GSD) has become more difficult and complicated for investment management organizations. In this new article, AxiomSL discusses industry-wide developments and sheds light on why those changes are putting pressure on GSD compliance. read more