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IBM VP: Vendor attempts to cash in on AI buzz “laughable”

22nd February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Banks and regulators are waking up to the anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection potential of artificial intelligence (AI), but attempts by some software vendors to cash in on the AI buzz are “laughable”, according to Marc Andrews, vice president for financial crime at IBM Watson. “In 2017, you could go to a conference... read more

SFTR: technical standard breakdown

21st February 2019

Company: bobsguide
With the long-delayed implementation of the European Union’s Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) finally looming on the horizon, those in the securities and repo markets must prepare now. Firms have had plenty of time to prepare for SFTR: the European Commission published its proposal to regulate the reporting and... read more

OTC clearing: a step by step guide

18th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Among the many regulatory overhauls introduced to financial markets in recent years, those surrounding clearing have perhaps raised the most question marks for market participants – as well as regulators. For market participants, those using over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives have seen great change: 23 of the Financial Stability Board... read more

Cross border payment innovation and regulation drive each other

14th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Unheard of today, the New York & Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company was founded in 1851. Five years later, the company was renamed Western Union. Arguably one of the first companies to transact across borders, Western Union tapped into its telegraph network to transfer money from one location to another. By 1872, cross border... read more

Starling adds major new clients, ups investment pull

13th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Starling Bank’s Julian Sawyer, chief operating officer has announced that three new clients have signed up to its banking services. The three new sign ups are PelicanPay (of Pelican Group), which provides compliance solutions, Telleroo, bulk payment processors, and Vitesse, the international payments provider and insurance pay-out. ... read more

Libor Sonia transition “doesn’t need to be painful”

11th February 2019

Although firms have become wary of risks and significant costs as they begin to prepare for the transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) to the Sterling Overnight Interbank Average Rate (Sonia) as the benchmark interest rate, the process of moving to the new rate doesn’t have to be as strenuous as many believe. That’s... read more

Interconnection key in growing payments ecosystem

11th February 2019

Company: Equinix
Over the past few years, technological advances, regulatory changes and the introduction of a range of new market participants has driven efficiencies and opportunities across the payments world, but the fast-changing nature of the industry has created the need for systematic, forward planning. That’s according to Eleni Coldrey, business... read more

Poor AML KYC leads to remediation projects on both sides of the Atlantic

6th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Inadequate onboarding procedures have led to incomplete know your customer (KYC) compliance, and resulted in ongoing remediation projects to deal with the back log of accounts, according to Phil Masterson, senior vice president and managing director of SEI’s Investment Manager Services division. “We are aware of several remediation... read more

ING’s Joyner: Leverage loan market margins higher now than six months ago

29th January 2019

Company: bobsguide
“If you look at the leverage market let’s say ‘correction’, margins are higher now than they were six months ago,” says Dafydd Joyner, director of syndicated finance at ING bank. “There is not a huge amount of deals out there, you’ve got three or four deals out there. Whether they are a new issuer or an... read more