Treasury Management Systems Insights


Pandemic spurs modernisation and competition within B2B payments

20th May 2020

Company: bobsguide
B2B payments may finally see widescale innovation according to some market participants, with both Visa and Mastercard bolstering their business payments services this month. “We’ve seen a huge amount of interest in innovation in general at this stage,” says Paul Raymond, director of strategic relationships, Conferma Pay. The... read more

UK fintech lenders to benefit from BBL, CBILS

12th May 2020

Company: bobsguide
UK challenger banks and non-bank lenders could see more SME client acquisitions from offering the government’s Bounce Back Loans (BBL) and Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), says Kirsty McGregor, founder and chairman, The Corporate Finance Network (CFN). But those unable to adapt may fall out of the ecosystem. “I... read more

Cash is king and automation rules

12th May 2020

As companies adjust to remote working and unprecedented drops in revenue, cash management becomes the chief concern for business continuity, says John Byrne, owner and CEO, Salmon Software. Effective cash management is reliant on strong treasury management systems (TMS) with a focus on data integration and automation of services. ... read more

Exploring AI in wealth management

5th May 2020

Company: Profile Software
However, the investment management sector heavily relies on customer preferences as well as on the ability of the sector to adjust to industry standards, so technology evolution is usually the least of the wealth management firm’s concerns, or isn’t it? How has technology reshaped the industry in the past decade? Back in 2010 many... read more

Digital bank statements: sustenance for underwriters

21st April 2020

Company: DirectID
It would seem there is little that is not subject to change as a result of the current pandemic. I've lost count of the volume of articles that have stated that the world to which we will return following the crisis will have changed out of all recognition. And while I tend to think that we will once again go back to commuting to offices,... read more

Coronavirus: How Auriga is supporting banks

20th April 2020

Company: Auriga
The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown measures are affecting lives nearly everywhere on the planet. Banks are playing a crucial role in how our societies respond and progress through these unprecedented times. As their technology partner, we salute and support the tremendous work being done by banks to protect colleagues... read more

Capital markets IT transformation: why now?

14th April 2020

Company: Murex
In recent weeks, capital markets have been thrown into turmoil by the coronavirus outbreak, turmoil that will likely continue to impact capital markets for the foreseeable future. We are entering a critical period for banks, as they need innovative solutions to control enhanced risk associated with a market relying on fiscal rather than monetary... read more

Challenger banks tested by pandemic

8th April 2020

Company: bobsguide
Initially posited as organisations with the upper hand in the coronavirus pandemic, challenger banks could face difficulties ahead with a decline in lending volumes and possible drop in customers, yet the crisis will yield “winners and losers on both sides” of challengers and incumbent banks says Simon Kent, global head of financial... read more

Automation to simplify insurance claims

8th April 2020

Arbitration, a means of resolving disputed cases through a third-party mediator, offers an attractive alternative to solving complex claims through the courts. When paired with automation, it has the potential to deliver cost and time efficiencies across claim operations, which are experiencing pressure in three key areas: Costly court cases... read more

Firms look to better cash management capabilities

2nd April 2020

Company: Analyste
Uncertainty around Brexit, oil wars and America’s multiple trade disputes have been complicating firms’ ability to manage cash flows and prepare treasury plans, but many of these issues have been totally overshadowed by the devastating emergence of COVID-19. Finance and treasury functions face uncertain times. JPMorgan is forecasting... read more