Trading Systems Insights


Beyond STP: setting the scene for smarter trading

3rd December 2018

Becoming smarter with the management of data is key to driving efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in most industries, via rules-based automation. However too often data complexity, caused by integration issues, incompatibility and poor visibility, makes it difficult for Capital Markets organisations to move forward.... read more

Cryptocurrency uncertainty causes historic price crash

30th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
The price of bitcoin plunged in late November, dropping from $5,500 to a low of $3,604 over the Thanksgiving weekend. At the time of writing it stands at $4,175, which marks a drop of nearly 80% from the cryptocurrency’s all-time high $19,703 in December 2017. The crash also signifies the largest relative price drop bitcoin has experienced... read more

Buy-side firms don't just want the cloud; they want choice

29th November 2018

Company: corfinancial
Within the world of buy-side operations, you may be led to believe that simply putting some software in the cloud is the answer to all your infrastructure problems. Many software vendors, consulting firms, hosting cloud service providers and a whole array of other organisations (many with vested interests) have passionately proclaimed the benefits... read more

Leading order management systems

28th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Efficient order management is critical to the success of any organisation. Yet achieving flawless orders on an ongoing basis can be challenging for organisations of all shapes and sizes. There are dozens of hurdles to overcome along the often tumultuous road to order fulfilment – from opening orders, keeping track of available inventory,... read more

In the FCA’s back end: processing 31 million Mifid II transactions daily

27th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
The run up to the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid II), which came into force on January 3 this year, posed challenges for all involved. Market participants gawped at the new compliance requirements. The European Securities and Markets Authority (Esma) – the body assigned the task of penning the directive –... read more

Lessons from Terminator: Who do we trust to set the AI standards?

26th November 2018

Mention the words artificial intelligence or machine learning and what uncontrollably springs to mind is the fictional endoskeletal, red-eyed Terminator of the same film franchise, followed closely by its fictional creator, SkyNet, the neural communication network that became self-aware. Not your typical response to new technologies, both of... read more

Implementing a netting solution

21st November 2018

Company: BELLIN
Multinational corporations are familiar with some of the obstacles involved with intercompany commerce. Foreign exchange risk, transaction quantities, and stagnant payment approvals can be expensive. In the realm of treasury management systems, a netting system can be the perfect solution. The following 2-part series will cover the basics of a... read more

How technology is making bank fee analysis more efficient

19th November 2018

Company: BELLIN
Bank fee analysis remains a topic that is mundane yet extremely vital for treasurers. Essentially, bank fee analysis involves taking a meticulous look at your current and future fee structure from the relationships you have with banks and attempting to mitigate fees where possible. Traditionally, it was executed manually by generating reports and... read more

US CAT roll-out could lead to market playing catch-up

15th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s mandated consolidated audit trail (CAT) will be a test for market participants, when its phases begin to roll out from November 2019. “People are going to be testing, developing and designing three different phases of the same regulation all at the same time. They could be playing... read more

Why we need to embrace digital HR

13th November 2018

You may feel you’ve heard the term ‘digital transformation’ discussed a lot. Maybe too much, and you couldn’t be blamed for feeling a little IT industry hype fatigue. But while you may feel slightly jaundiced about the term, the trend it describes – and the dynamic change and benefits around efficiency the term... read more