Trading Systems Insights


How AI can combat the growing menace of trade-based money laundering

9th December 2019

Company: Pelican
The menace of trade-based money laundering (TBML) is an increasing, yet often under-reported, financial and reputational risk to banks and a growing concern to governments and regulators. Transnational crime is worth up to $2.2trn each year and much of it is facilitated by various forms of trade-based money laundering. A PWC report stated that... read more

The new radicals: a better approach to wealth technology

9th December 2019

The wealth industry has never found it easy to implement systems and adapt to new technologies. One reason for this is that there is a cultural divide between people who work in IT and people who manage money. That gap is reducing but nevertheless it remains. Compounding the issue, the technology landscape is now changing faster than ever and... read more

FIA Tech’s Davis: Futures industry must prioritise tag 1031 codes

4th December 2019

Company: bobsguide
Brokers, exchanges, and clearing houses must make implementation of the Future Industry Association (FIA)’s execution source codes a priority to reduce friction in brokerage settlement according to the head of strategy for FIA Tech. “In the absence of the tag, the clearing broker has no idea how the trade was executed... read more

How in-branch video banking enhances customer service experience

4th December 2019

Company: Auriga
While they turn to online banking, and given the rise in digital transformation, the most customers still appreciate the need for financial advice face-to-face, especially for complex transactions or help. Accenture’s recent study of financial service consumers show that on average two-thirds of consumers favour face-to-face interaction with... read more

Review and evolve: The leverage ratio today, yesterday and tomorrow

29th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Since regulators stepped up their inspections of leverage ratios about a decade ago, banks have been jittery about reporting requirements, and how much control they have relinquished in the name of transparent markets. Clearing, repo and a host of other desks have reconstituted the way they do things, much to their chagrin. But the formalities... read more

Are deep fakes a threat to the future of identity verification?

29th November 2019

Company: NorthRow
New research shows an alarming surge in the creation of deep fake videos, with the number posted online almost doubling in the last nine months according to the BBC. President Obama’s famous lip-synching video went viral and the most recent deep fake is of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, who both appear to endorse each other to be the... read more

People moves: Concirrus, Paragon, CMC and more

29th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
CMC Markets Appoints Marshall as CFO UK-headquartered derivatives dealer CMC Markets has appointed Euan Marshall as its chief financial officer and as a member of its board of directors, effective November 1. Previously, Marshall served as head of finance and has been the interim CFO since June. He succeeds Grant Foley, who... read more

Tackling Vietnam’s online fraud rates

28th November 2019

Asia Pacific is a vast region, housing a wide range of markets that vary greatly in terms of both size and economic maturity. However, despite the huge differences apparent in the region, there are some trends that have reached all countries. While still a predominantly cash-based region, a younger demographic, an increase in disposable income, and... read more

Banking on the cloud: the new normal in financial services

25th November 2019

Company: Finastra
The need to innovate and keep up with new market entrants has become the key driver in a bank’s strategic decision to adopt the cloud. Cloud is all about enabling business agility and rapid evolution with on-demand innovation to satisfy growing business needs - yet with no compromise on security and without the investment burden associated... read more