Retail Banking Systems Insights


When will AI-based AML be friends with European regulators?

24th March 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
The scale of the problem has been demonstrated by the legislative activity of the European Parliament, which over the past five years has adopted three directives regarding anti-money laundering and terrorism financing. Complying with the directives is a particular challenge for banks, exposed to a three-fold risk in terms of money laundering... read more

Coronavirus emergency: how to best use the new ECB liquidity

18th March 2020

Company: Prometeia
At its meeting on March 12, the Governing Council of the ECB unleashed new, unconventional monetary policy measures to support the liquidity of banks and credit to households and businesses. The new package includes, among other things, changes to the current longer-term auctions (TLTROs) and introduces new weekly auctions (LTROs) to steer banks... read more

Bank trading floors reassess risks and controls

18th March 2020

Company: bobsguide
Trading floors at many of the world’s tier one banks will be reconsidering their view of risk in the face of the coronavirus pandemic according to fintech market participants. “In many ways the pandemic and the consequent market activity has delivered two simultaneous black swans: in parallel with the heightened market volatility,... read more

Case study: How Salmon rose to SEGRO’s treasury challenge

16th March 2020

SEGRO is a UK Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and a leading owner, manager and developer of modern warehouses and light industrial property. It is the largest listed pan-European warehouse owner and developer. The group owns or manages eight million square metres of space (86 million square feet) valued at £12.2bn serving customers... read more

Coronavirus update: challenger bank agility provides advantage over incumbents

13th March 2020

Company: bobsguide
Incumbent banks may struggle to adapt to the impact of coronavirus as remote working and customer services falter. Commentators say these challenges could leave digital challengers with the advantage. “Do the existing banks, the traditional banks, struggle to allow their staff to work remotely compared to challengers? You may find that the... read more

Optimising IT talent: let go of non-core projects & see engagement soar

6th March 2020

Reports that 80 percent of capital markets participants said they would rather buy in a trading data integration solution, rather than build one in house, reflect the way banking IT is going, and this is a good thing. The findings, from a qualitative study undertaken by Inforalgo, are discussed in detail in the white paper, Buy vs build: The... read more

2020 to be a milestone year for banks

5th March 2020

Company: Profile Software
This year, technology will continue to be the main driver of disruption in the banking industry through the evolution of machine learning (ML), blockchain, quantum computing etc. as digital transformation is evolving the way banking is done, according to Deloitte’s study 2020 banking and capital markets outlook. Most banks still do not... read more

Banking in the ‘era of the digital reflex’

3rd March 2020

In 2007, when the first-generation iPhone was initially released, only a quarter of the European population banked online. Since then, our relationship with technology and applications throughout all aspects of our lives has rapidly evolved.  Fast-forward to 2020 and the use of mobile applications and digital services in banking has... read more

Trade reporting: why building your own solutions no longer makes sense

2nd March 2020

While it’s critical for financial institutions to have a tight handle on their trade reporting, the business case for developing proprietary reporting solutions in house is flimsy in 2020. With secure, customisable cloud-based solutions available out of the box, which have been tested across multiple trading platforms and offer attractive... read more