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EBA relief on SCA deadline shows rule’s “complexity and ambiguity”

25th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
The introduction of discretionary extensions to the September 14 deadline for strong customer authentication (SCA) by the European Banking Authority (EBA) is an indication of the complexity and ambiguity of the requirements themselves, and not an unpreparedness in the industry, according to payments market participants. “The new SCA... read more

Q&A: OakNorth CEO on hiring, growth, and preparing for a downturn

18th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
OakNorth CEO and co-founder Rishi Khosla speaks to bobsguide.  What drove you to create OakNorth? Joel and I started our first business in our 20s in 2002 – it was called Copal and did financial research outsourcing for investment banks, asset managers, PE firms, etc. About four years into that business, we were looking for... read more

An alternative way of seeing data monetization

18th June 2019

Company: Suburbia
From early-stage payments fintechs to giant acquirers, every company is asking themselves the same question: “How can we turn our data into dollars?” After all, most companies these days are to some extent data companies, whether they are aware of it or not. Many businesses try to leverage certain types of data they capture, but... read more

Simplified IBAN management crucial to banks and payment institutions

17th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
Banks, payments providers and those looking to move money across territories are looking to simplify their processes through clearer and integrated IBAN management solutions, according to Jürgen Schneider, managing director at ONPEX. “Major clients have come to us because they’ve wanted to have easy access to our multi-currency... read more

Q&A: ING CIO Legrand talks European fintech and platformification

14th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
Benoît Legrand was appointed chief innovation officer at ING Bank in January 2018, having previously served as the bank’s global head of fintech and CEO of ING Ventures. On the sidelines of Money 20/20 in Amsterdam last week, bobsguide sat down with the Legrand to talk about the future of fintech in Europe and the hype around the... read more

Blockchain finds industry applications in wake of burst crypto bubble

11th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
The bursting of the cryptocurrency bubble and the deflation of industry hype around blockchain means distributed ledger technology has the time decouple from Bitcoin and find real industry use cases, according to market participants. “I'm glad the hype and the bubble burst, because it put a lot of attention towards Bitcoin and then of... read more

How to ensure new technology fits in with legacy architecture

10th June 2019

Company: Fenergo
It goes without saying that for commercial, business and retail banks, the digital experience is becoming synonymous with the customer experience. If banks want to keep up with the megabanks in the industry, they will need to adopt a more digital approach. However, for those stuck in a tangled web of legacy technology architecture, going... read more

UK Gambling Commission bets crackdown will improve AML compliance

10th June 2019

Four gambling businesses have been fined £4.5 million for failing to put in place effective safeguards to prevent money laundering as the UK Gambling Commission works to improve anti-money laundering (AML) compliance for online gambling. The announcement - a result of an ongoing investigation into online casinos - comes on the heels of the... read more

Jumio’s Pointner: Regulators will kill poor authentication

6th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
Regulatory intervention will spell the doom of static passwords and poor authentication, and the death knell will sound from the UK, according to Philipp Pointner. Speaking on the sidelines at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam this week, Pointner said the only reason outdated security methods exist is because regulators still allow them to – but... read more