Securing success in the finance sector

2nd July 2014

Company: Tufin
In this era of virtualisation, cloud computing and smart mobile devices, the IT infrastructure landscape looks significantly different to a decade or even five years ago. Yet in many organisations, security and system management controls have failed to keep pace. Networks are far more complex, threats more prevalent and - especially in the... read more

Moving to the cloud

1st July 2014

Company: bobsguide
As Cloud Computing continues to grow and more B2B organisations move to the cloud, many companies in the financial services sector still have concerns about the security of data. Industry experts believe that Cloud Computing has the ability to revolutionise the entire computer industry and cloud is continuing to transform the way organisations do... read more

How banks can help avoid the pitfalls of over-regulation

30th June 2014

Company: eg solutions plc
The consequences of not monitoring for non-compliant activity in the back office at an individual or enterprise level has never been greater, with processes within banks becoming ever more complex and the risks becoming even bigger. Evidencing compliant activity is vital to being able to demonstrate to both internal and external scrutiny how... read more

BCBS 239 – Getting back to banking basics

27th June 2014

Company: ASG Technologies
The last financial crisis has taught us many lessons, with one of the most significant being the importance of data risk management.  And while the BCBS 239 paper’s 2016 deadline feels like a concern for tomorrow, the threat of another crippling financial disaster is very much a worry for today, and should be motivation enough to get the... read more

Retaining talent and encouraging diversity in fintech

26th June 2014

Company: E2W
Financial technology is reliant on attracting and retaining talent to progress as an industry. As a result, the fact that women are under-represented in this sector potentially has a tangible economic impact. The way that financial services tackles this imbalance could have a significant bearing on the ultimate shape of the industry as the... read more

Ageing systems affecting your operational risk

25th June 2014

In recent times, financial institutions and regulators alike have invested a great deal of time and effort in tightening up their risk monitoring and reporting capabilities. The importance now afforded to risk management is no coincidence however, with all parties agreed that a return to the dangerous levels of exposure across the market... read more

Taking the ‘pain’ out of hiring niche skills

24th June 2014

Company: bobsguide
Hiring niche skills within the financial services sector can be challenging due to a lack of understanding within businesses as to the skills they require and where to find them. With over 20 years’ experience in the financial technology sector, Peter Johnson talks to bobsguide about why he established in-sourcing and how their solutions are... read more

Now Is The Time to Invest In Technology that Enables Growth

23rd June 2014

Company: SS&C
The investment management industry is poised for change, driven by growth and globalisation. Numerous industry publications have highlighted how growth may fundamentally change how asset managers operate and compete. For example, PwC’s recent paper titled “Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World” predicts that global AuM will... read more

Avention leads the way in solving Big Data dilemmas

20th June 2014

Company: bobsguide
In a time when people are drowning in Big Data, companies across the financial services sector are looking for new ways to utilise this data and hone in on target markets. Scott Lutter, Head of Sales at Avention, talks to bobsguide about how Avention is helping to drive innovation and change the way that companies view and utilise their data. ... read more

Sharing intelligence - changing the cost of cybercrime

19th June 2014

Company: AlienVault
Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the economics of cybercrime and how our defensive measures have impacted the fundamentals over the years. The sorry state of affairs is that most of what we have done to secure our environments has failed to change the fundamental disparity that makes cybercrime so lucrative. The cost to attack and exploit... read more