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CUBE: FI culture obstructing regtech

8th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
The single biggest challenge for regtech adoption is reluctance to change culture, says Ben Richmond, founder and CEO of CUBE, the compliance firm. “It comes down to the fundamentals of sponsorship, and senior level leadership to drive transformation programs to look at the 15-20% of operating cost that is currently still on the rise... read more

US retail banking: Gap growing between giants and community players

4th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
The gap between the product and service offerings of the US’s biggest retail banks and its smaller community players is set to become much more pronounced, says Tyrone Canaday, managing director and global head of innovation at Protiviti – the New York based consultancy.  “You look at the budgets and the amount of... read more

Seizing the Apac corporate banking opportunity

31st October 2018

Company: Finastra
There is no doubt that the Asia Pacific (Apac) region now dominates the global banking landscape, with 43% of total global bank profits generated in the geography. It’s also a highly competitive segment of the corporate banking sector, with the largest corporate clients in APAC often working with 20 or more banks. For banks able to deliver... read more

How to analyse cash forecasting data: tips on data visualisations

31st October 2018

Company: CashAnalytics
The data analysis conducted at the end of a cash forecasting process is where the insights are uncovered, and therefore where the real value is found. Data visualisation (a process where data is displayed graphically) often helps to identify anomalies, highlight trends, and uncover insights in data that might otherwise have been missed. This... read more

Looking ahead: Consumer and bank evolution by 2025

29th October 2018

Company: Feedzai
Bank leaders know that banking next year will look different than banking today. But banking seven years in the future is a downright alarming thought. Still, while it’s tough to maintain a strategic outlook when rapid changes are happening right now, it’s important to remain forward looking. With that in mind, let’s explore a... read more

A new leader for driving enterprise control

29th October 2018

Global financial institutions are experimenting with an essential new c-level position—the chief control officer—to ensure that organisational lines of defence are effective in fostering internal compliance, accountability, and transparency. But without the right data, they may still be feeling around in the dark. Oversight and... read more

Cash forecasting challenges: increasing accounts receivable forecasting accuracy

26th October 2018

Company: CashAnalytics
Following on from our recent article on overcoming cash forecasting challenges, this piece focuses on the area that is often the most challenging, accounts receivable forecasting. For large corporates, forecasting accounts receivables is particularly challenging as the forecast figure is consolidated from a wide variety of inputs. In... read more

Crisis impact lingers in banks' payment considerations

24th October 2018

Company: bobsguide
The credit crisis that tore apart the banking sector has had a lasting impact on the way the industry works with third parties, particularly within the payments space. That’s according to Jeff Parker, managing director for APAC, WorldFirst, the international payments provider. “2007 and 2008 you saw a lot of banks retreating back... read more

Broadridge head of strategy outlines innovation by acquisition approach

24th October 2018

Company: bobsguide
Since 2007, Broadridge has announced the acquisition of 29 companies, three of which have been in 2018. At Sibos 2018 in Sydney, the company announced another newly acquired solution, a next generation, SaaS global asset servicing tool. The new solution looks to leverage cloud technology to address end to end asset servicing... read more

BTCC CEO: Don’t assume blockchain is for real-world assets

24th October 2018

Company: bobsguide
Blockchain's primary use case remains the creation and movement of cryptocurrencies, said Bobby Lee, a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation and CEO of BTCC, at this year's Money20/20. “I see a big difference between cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and then the blockchain effort. We all know that blockchain is... read more