Infrastructure Insights


Upcoming CME closures pressure unprepared firms

13th November 2020

Company: bobsguide
Firms are running out of time to switch reporting platforms and trade repositories (TR) as the closure date for CME Group’s NEX/Abide looms. “Certainly there is no extension past November 30 for the NEX Abide Regulatory reporting and trade repository and firms should have migrated by now,” said Philip Flood, chief commercial... read more

The case for cloud when WFH

12th November 2020

As countries across Europe return to lockdown, the world’s global banking giants are sending their staff home. Many of the top banks have publicly announced plans to return workers to the kitchen table or the bedroom desk after a brief period of allowing the option to work in the office. And some people are not happy about it.  ... read more

Effectively combating fraud while staying user-friendly

30th October 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
As an industry, financial services is seeing unprecedented threats from cyber and technology risks. As institutions work tirelessly to stay ahead of criminal activities, hackers continue to up the ante and advance their techniques. In this article, we discuss the threat landscape and how it has evolved, alongside authentication methods and ways... read more

Pressure rises for small banks to improve liquidity visibility

22nd October 2020

Company: Planixs
As financial institutions adapt to the pandemic, business continuity planning (BCP) has emerged as a key area of improvement for banks of all sizes. While small banks have previously had less regulatory pressure to demonstrate liquidity management and stress testing, this fact is now changing. “I can see smaller institutions trying to get... read more

Health and wealth: happy together

5th October 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
The last year acquisition of InstaMed, a healthcare payment solutions specialist, by JP Morgan, has delivered significant benefits to customers of both parties of the deal. It allowed for combining innovative solutions and the vast payment capabilities using the strength and scale of the bank, and healthcare industry experience of the technology... read more

Market risk looms following Esma equivalence announcement

2nd October 2020

Company: bobsguide
With Brexit negotiations still pending, the European Securities and Markets Authority (Esma) risks perpetuating instability with an extended European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (Emir) equivalence period. “The EU were firm in their statement that they expect firms to reduce their exposure to systemically important UK clearing houses.... read more

Payments sector warns of continued cyber threats

1st October 2020

Company: bobsguide
The payments industry must be wary of vulnerable tech builds as cyber threats are predicted increase, according to a director of incident management at the UK National Cyber Security Centre. “From our experience seeing some less mature organisations possibly, one of the things that we’re worried about at the moment is some of the... read more

Why you need to prioritise KYC remediation in 2021

30th September 2020

Company: NorthRow
This year has been a year of change, with continued volatility and far reaching consequences for the way we do business. Customers are now transacting differently, meaning that the organisations that serve them need to be quick to adapt to market drivers and demands. A sign of the current challenges is an increase in the number of businesses... read more

Automation tipping point for financial transaction taxes arrives

14th September 2020

Company: GBST
Financial transaction taxes (FTT), a levy on financial transactions such as the purchase or sale of financial instruments, have been on the radar of capital markets firms for over a decade. The 2008 global financial crisis created political pressure to ensure that the financial sector contributed fairly to the costs of the crisis. As a result,... read more