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Show Report: SIFMA Tech 2012

26th June 2012

Company: bobsguide
Tom Groenfeldt, reporting for bobsguide The annual SIFMA Technology Leaders Forum & Expo on 19-21 June at the Hilton in New York City gathered speakers from BATS, NYSE Euronext, CME Group, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldmans, BofA Merrill and various politicians and, crucially, regulators to discuss the changing nature of the... read more

Smartphones: What Security Risks Do They Pose?

2nd February 2012

Company: bobsguide
By Alan Thomas, a technology & media executive at the specialist insurer Hiscox Travel anywhere on a plane or train these days and you’ll no doubt notice that you are surrounded by people using a smartphone. They are an extremely useful modern tool that is used by many companies and individuals alike to keep in touch and do work while on the... read more
Bank regulation and trade finance

Bank regulation and trade finance

28th November 2011

Company: Surecomp
Attempts to impose blanket regulations on something as diverse as modern banking was bound to have some unintended consequences, says Raphael Barisaac, Surecomp vice-president Europe and head of Trade Finance Products.When world trade suddenly contracted in the fourth quarter of 2008, it demonstrated how vitally important trade finance is to the... read more
mCommerce for everyone

mCommerce for everyone

28th September 2011

Company: Sybase
By Tarik Husain, business development director, mCommerce, Sybase 365The markets might vary across regions, but all customers want more and richer mobile services that are useful and easy to use.Many people think mCommerce will happen at some point in the future, but mCommerce is happening right now. It is in its infancy everywhere, and each... read more
Why collateral management has become the new buzzword

Why collateral management has become the new buzzword

22nd September 2011

Company: ActiveViam
Allen Whipple, US director, Quartet FS. Collateral sufficiency is a well established risk management process but has become a growing concern for the financial community in recent years. Thanks to regulatory initiatives, as well as the increasing complexity arising from the large and ever-growing volumes of collateralised deals, banks need a... read more

Taking on the modern day financial criminal: How banks are fighting back

21st September 2011

Company: Fiserv
by Erik Stein, vice-president, Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions, FiservFinancial crime is at an all time high and regulators are increasing the pressure on financial institutions to take more preventive measures. To mitigate loss, improve customer service and soothe regulators, financial institutions need to re-think their strategy for... read more
Basel III: a burden or an opportunity?

Basel III: a burden or an opportunity?

20th September 2011

Company: Wolters Kluwer
Bart Vandekerckhove, business analyst, Product Strategy, FinArch IntroductionCurrently, influential leaders of financial institutions, technology vendors, market infrastructures and multinational corporations are meeting at the 25th edition of the Sibos Conference held at Toronto. Basel III will most likely be the talk of the day. With the rules... read more
Liquidity risk management needs a collaborative approach, says SWIFT representative

Liquidity risk management needs a collaborative approach, says SWIFT representative

16th September 2011

Company: bobsguide
Effective liquidity risk management requires a collaborative approach between banks and financial institutions, a SWIFT representative has said. Catherine Banneux, senior market manager, banking markets at SWIFT made the comments following the recent publication of the Managing liquidity risk white paper. The research identified a number of... read more

Social media - how are financial services companies using these new tools to their advantage?

15th September 2011

Company: IBM
As Sibos fast approaches Gerry Mellett, product executive of financial services industry sales at IBM, looks at social media opportunities for finance firms in this ever-evolving digital age... In today’s digital age, customers are approaching financial service providers armed with extensive information from more sources than ever before; a lot... read more

Data management is ‘key to everything’, says vendor

12th September 2011

Company: bobsguide
Data management and the demand for clean data ‘underpins’ much incoming regulatory reform to the financial services sector, an IT vendor has said. Neill Vanlint, managing director, client operations, EMEA & Asia at GoldenSource, said that the need for data transparency and data integrity is at the heart of initiatives such as Solvency II and... read more