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Avention leads the way in solving Big Data dilemmas

20th June 2014

Company: bobsguide
In a time when people are drowning in Big Data, companies across the financial services sector are looking for new ways to utilise this data and hone in on target markets. Scott Lutter, Head of Sales at Avention, talks to bobsguide about how Avention is helping to drive innovation and change the way that companies view and utilise their data. ... read more

Show Report: PayExpo 2014

16th June 2014

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide was present for PayExpo last week which was being held at the ExCel Centre, London. The major international two-day event gathered industry experts from merchants, banks, MNOs, hardware and software providers and more to lead discussions and insights into the future of payments. In a time when consumers want to be able to pay faster,... read more

Trading technology platforms need to change with the times

6th June 2014

Underlying trading technology platforms need to undergo a radical transformation, particularly in today’s dynamic and transparent wealth management environment.  Legacy systems were developed to fit trading systems and styles of the past, but they are becoming increasingly problematic and costly to operate and maintain in line with the... read more

The run-up to T2S

2nd June 2014

Company: bobsguide
Target2-Securities (T2S) will fall short of expectations when/if it launches on schedule in 2015. Rather than rationalising the number of central securities depositories (CSD), it will leave them all intact, at least until market forces take their toll. But that will occur only after they have spent the money to modify their systems to meet... read more

Why the “middleman” is critical to the future of payments

28th May 2014

Company: Global Payments
The rapid and unprecedented advancement of personal technology has changed our lives in many ways. One impact of this has been to provide individuals with the tools they need to accomplish tasks for which they may have once needed a third party. This has been especially apparent in financial services. Take peer-to-peer lending for example.... read more

"STP is Dead, Long Live Automation"

21st May 2014

Company: Idea Group
For decades the financial industry has grappled with the concept of STP, or “Straight Through Processing”, but evidence suggests that this has been something of an impossible dream. A little like the Loch Ness Monster, people have very different views around what this looks like, whether it still exists, or whether it was at all... read more

Trust-based Security: A Foundation for Compliance and Advanced Threat Protection

6th May 2014

Company: Bit9
Introduction All organisations that accept and process customer payment cards are challenged to maintain and demonstrate compliance with the latest PCI Data Security Standard (DSS), known as version 3.0. However, those organisations deploying endpoint security based on detecting known malware— known in the industry as a... read more

The battle over mobile payments

30th April 2014

Company: Fujitsu
As the mobile device landscape continues to change and devices become increasingly attractive for the consumer, it has never been easier to use mobile payments. Consumers are now able to shop and control their money on the move, from virtually any device at any time making mobile payments vital to the nation’s infrastructure and crucial to a... read more

Digitisation of Payments: Can we stop the creaks from turning into cracks?

28th April 2014

Barely a day goes by without hearing another story about how the latest innovation will transform the way consumers pay for goods and services. We hear about industry disruptors such as Square, we hear about how the rise of mobile point of sale devices will enable every micro-business to accept card payments. We hear about how the combination of... read more

Convenience is King - Launch of Paym

17th April 2014

Company: bobsguide
When I leave my house in the morning there are three things that I check my pockets for before walking out the front door: wallet, phone and keys. I don’t remember exactly when the phone became one of the most important items that I own but there has been one in my pocket every day for well over 10 years now. The first one didn’t... read more