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An introduction to SWIFT and Sibos

29th September 2014

Company: SWIFT
As the major players from the banking, corporate and payments sectors discuss the key topics facing the financial services industry at Sibos (the annual banking seminar held by SWIFT) this week, bobsguide talks to Neil Gray, Senior Manager, Corporate Business – EMEA, SWIFT UK, about the history of SWIFT and keeping the financial services... read more

Sibos Topic 4: The future of payments

26th September 2014

Company: bobsguide
Last week bobsguide reported on the benefits of Cloud Computing, a key topic up for discussion at Sibos this year. This week, in bobsguide’s final Sibos feature, we delve deeper into the future of payments. The surge of innovation within the payments industry is driving a shift in the way we make payments. Paying by cash and cheque is... read more

Thread or dead

4th September 2014

Company: Boomerang
As a modern Mark Twain may once have said: rumours of the death of SMS are greatly exaggerated. With more than six billion global users and revenues of around $135 billion each year, SMS is now so ubiquitous that it’s expected to remain the industry standard messaging channel for the next decade. Yet despite this, prophets of doom are still... read more

The role and future of cryptocurrency

18th August 2014

Company: bobsguide
The financial sector can no longer escape the impact of digital currency. Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, other cryptocurrencies have emerged from the internet and have increased regional independence. Kingdoms and independent ethnicities have gained a sense of identity from using digital currencies, as seen in cases such as MazaCoin... read more

Generation innovation: how banks can respond to an increasingly mobile-savvy audience

11th August 2014

Company: Monitise
Banks are experiencing a growing tide of consumer demand for mobile banking. Mobile devices have opened the door to making finances more accessible than ever and consumers now expect non-stop, uninterrupted interaction with their money, wherever they are. What’s more, mobile banking is often no longer a simple balance check. Expectations... read more

Data requires a control cockpit for a safe landing

1st August 2014

Company: Axway
As financial organisations increasingly rely on digitised information to carry out business-critical processes, it’s becoming crucial that data has a smooth flight around the business. For every industry, from financial services to telecoms or automotive, data is at the crux of the enterprise and a timely transfer throughout the organisation... read more

Looking to the past to build a better future for today’s payments landscape

30th July 2014

Company: Compass Plus
Predicting the future is no mean feat. To get a true handle on the patterns and trends occurring now and potentially in the future, the logical step is to start by analysing the past. For over 10,000 years, money has been a physical form, from bartering with goods and services, to the Greeks stamping their own coins in around 600 BC, to the... read more

Tokenization: The Future of Payments Security?

22nd July 2014

Company: RS Software
Background The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud via its exposure.From nearly the beginning of its introduction, the standard has been criticised for the expense associated with annual certification and for security being less than... read more

Developing nations lead financial technology innovation

14th July 2014

Company: bobsguide
The mobile payments industry is booming in developing nations and research shows that these countries are at the forefront of innovation within the financial technology (Fintech) sector. With the majority of innovation in Africa, India and Asia Pacific coming from mobile devices and wireless technologies, it demonstrates that emerging markets can... read more

The rise of the software-defined bank

9th July 2014

Company: AppDynamics
Software will play a fundamental role in the future of UK retail banking. Mobile apps and other digital services are becoming one of the main decision criteria, as customers vote with their feet and fingers and eschew local branches for their day-to-day banking. A 2013 study by Nottingham University shows that 40 per cent of all UK bank and... read more