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Interview: Barclaycard CIO on Open Banking APIs and blockchain non-adoption

23rd November 2018

Company: bobsguide
A new Barclaycard survey of 100 UK chief information officers (CIOs) goes some way to clarifying how the role is changing in the face of fast technological progress. Among the findings, 42% of companies are scaling up their R&D spending to leverage emerging technologies, and 77% are executing new approaches to implementing technologies. ... read more

BIN sponsorship: how to get it right

22nd November 2018

Banking Identification Number (BIN) sponsorship is a quick shortcut for many companies looking to get their proposition to market both domestically and overseas. BIN sponsorship allows firms to process payments through an intermediary that is a direct scheme member. Why not go direct? Direct scheme membership is often costly, time consuming and... read more

Case study: TD Bank & Bottomline team up to tackle payments

21st November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Thorough checks are required when selecting a third party tech provider of any system – not least when a bank looks to incorporate a new payment infrastructure. The payments ecosystem in the US has become increasingly complex. Many business to business transactions are still made in cheques, while technological advances have led... read more

Outmuscling Stripe, PayPal and Adyen: new attitude vital for banks

19th November 2018

Company: TAS Group
The race to market domination is well and truly underway as fintechs rub elbows with established banks in the payments space. And the ideal conditions for fintechs seem to be converging to label 2019 a make or break year for the banks. From the regulators, a year on from PSD2, fintechs are now able to combine more and more insights from... read more

Tandem's Ford: Open Banking isn't just about aggregation

15th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
“There is a bit of feeling, if you read a lot of column inches at the moment, that Open Banking has been a damp squib. I think what you’ve seen with Open Banking is generation one of it, which is a lot of fintech or banks looking at the idea of Open Banking meaning bank aggregation. What I mean by that is the ability to see all your... read more

Faster payments pushing API ecosystems in the US | On-demand webinar

15th November 2018

Company: ACI Worldwide
Faster payments is gripping the US. PSPs, clearing houses and banks are all in earnest discussion about how best to leverage the emerging faster and real-time payment mechanisms currently being offered by the likes of Venmo, Zelle, The Clearing House (TCH) and technology providers. In a poll recently conducted during a recent bobsguide... read more

ISO 20022: migration journey poses problems for banks

14th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
A key theme of this year’s Sibos in Sydney, Australia, ISO 20022 had its own track dedicated to it. The messaging standard has been hailed a “global success” by SWIFT, with ISO 20022 expected to support 80% of high value payments and 89% of the value of transactions worldwide in the next five years (completed by 2026), with the... read more

In an environment of rising rates: cash forecasting accuracy in focus

13th November 2018

Company: CashAnalytics
Last week in the US, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) held its November meeting. That meeting didn’t really contain any surprises, and most market participants still expect the next interest rate hike in December. Earlier in the year, the FOMC signalled that four rate rises were likely in 2018. We have had three so far. In... read more

Payments at a price: the true cost of in-house bank connectivity

12th November 2018

Company: Kyriba
Making payments is generally an expensive process for large organizations, in terms of both time and money. The process tends to be particularly expensive when an organization has its own in-house bank connectivity for connecting its payment systems to its bank – connectivity that is maintained either by its own internal IT function or by an... read more

SWIFT eyes bigger role with API standardisation, says head of standards

7th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
“APIs are new from a technological standpoint, but also what SWIFT has played for since inception,” said the company's head of standards, Stephen Lindsay, on the sidelines at Sibos 2018 in Sydney last week. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are currently being rolled out across financial services to allow... read more