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Thread or dead

4th September 2014

Company: Boomerang
As a modern Mark Twain may once have said: rumours of the death of SMS are greatly exaggerated. With more than six billion global users and revenues of around $135 billion each year, SMS is now so ubiquitous that it’s expected to remain the industry standard messaging channel for the next decade. Yet despite this, prophets of doom are still... read more

Large Scale Implementation Readiness

2nd September 2014

Reaching the “go live” stage of a large scale implementation in any field of endeavor represents the culmination of efforts spanning multiple people, departments and systems as well as a substantial expenditure of time and money. In large system implementation projects much upfront attention is paid to details such as suitability of... read more

Discussing Risk Data Strategy: An Interview with Philip Chamberlain

29th August 2014

Company: marcus evans
Risk data is an area that has been largely overlooked for many years. Today the situation is different and the area is facing increasing regulatory scrutiny, as Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs) rush to comply with the Basel 239 Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting. An enterprise’s success... read more

Debunking the Myths of Big Data

29th August 2014

Company: Recommind
A yottabyte equals 1 trillion terabytes (the largest data metric that most commonly used today).  That’s not just big data, it’s really big data, and it’s clearly the direction that things are heading in; particularly given the prevalence of today’s “keep everything” mantra.  It’s this thinking... read more

Interview: CGI survey reveals what consumers want from banks

28th August 2014

Company: bobsguide
The banking industry has faced a number of challenges over the years and it looks as though institutions will continue to be impacted by the ever-changing financial landscape. With the emergence of digital banking and new competition, customer needs are changing rapidly and banks are struggling to keep up with consumer demand. The Understanding... read more

The CBEST framework; a step forward for security

27th August 2014

Company: Arbor Networks
Last month the UK Financial Authorities and CREST launched the CBEST framework, a guideline that will help financial services organisations in the UK better measure their readiness to deal with today’s cyber threats. Through incorporating threat-intelligence, testing methodologies and mitigating the risk to participating organisations via the... read more

Facing the reality of big data

22nd August 2014

Company: GFT
In recent months, I have been speaking with several banks about how to employ big data technologies to solve real world business problems. Then, last month, I attended and presented at the Big Data & Analytics in Financial Services conference in London where I was able to speak with a wide variety of banks, product vendors, and service... read more

UK Government believes IoT will lead to future innovation

21st August 2014

Company: bobsguide
The UK Government has outlined the eight technologies (plus a further two) it believes will propel the UK to future growth in the new report, Eight Great Technologies. The report is the final in a series introduced by the government to provide analysis into the worldwide patent landscape for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Out of the ten... read more

EDM Utilities and an EDM Managed Service – What’s the difference and why should you care?

19th August 2014

After participating in a number of conference panels recently about EDM Utilities / Managed Services, a number of things struck me. Firstly this is a hot topic – both from the point of view of the vendor community and the interest from the consumers. After years of talking about what might happen there has been an acceptance over the last... read more

Hands-free technology: coming to a treasury department near you?

15th August 2014

Google recently offered the world a fascinating glimpse into tomorrow’s technology with its ‘driverless cars’ project. The vision: that in ten years’ time, or even sooner, cars will drive around in active communication with one another, and will be able to scan the road ahead for obstacles and make evasive moves... read more