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Google’s Breslow: Very little actual financial crime is being detected

25th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
A large portion of financial crime is going undetected due to data problems causing high levels of false positive rates in financial institutions’ fraud detection systems, according to Stuart Breslow, managing director of technology and policy at Google. “The error rate was very gently put as significant,” said Berslow on a... read more

LSE’s Schwimmer: Shanghai the financial centre of China

24th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
“For the long-term, for the financial centre for China? We view Shanghai as the financial centre for China,” said David Schwimmer, chief executive officer of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), at the Sibos conference in London this week. On September 13, the LSE sent a letter to the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited... read more

BIS’ Schrimpf: Central banks look to alternative data to monitor markets

23rd September 2019

Company: bobsguide
Alternative data is becoming increasingly essential for central banks in their examination of markets movements, according to Andreas Schrimpf, chief economist at the Bank of International Settlement (BIS). “A lot of the central banks typically face the issue of monitoring market functioning for example and in quasi real-time as well... read more

Does digitalisation increase bank profitability?

23rd September 2019

Company: Prometeia
Bank profitability in Italy and in the euro area has improved from the post-crisis lows. However, for many banks, earnings are still below what is required by investors and the recent slowdown in economic growth could threaten the recovery of banks’ profits. Why is this a problem? Why does banks’ profitability matter overall, not only... read more

IM AANA calculation time "not enough"

19th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
Time consuming preparations are forcing firms to estimate the number of entities which come under the scope of uncleared margin rules by calculating aggregate average notional amounts (AANA) a year in advance, according to Vanaja Indra, market and regulatory reform director at Insight Investment. In Europe, AANA must be calculated... read more

FCA’s Fox: UK regulators to request detailed data from market on Libor transition

19th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
The Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are set to move beyond large institutions to a wider scope of market participants with a request for detailed updates on preparedness in the transition away from the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (Libor), according to Rich Fox, head of markets policy at the FCA and member of the... read more

Schroders’ Marsland: Governing fintech partnerships becoming an “enormous” challenge

18th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
The increasing need for firms to have resilient operating models is putting pressure on fintech partnerships, according to John Marsland, chief operating officer at Schroders Investment Management. “It has been made very clear by pretty much all of the regulators that we are the ones responsible for the service, regardless of whether... read more

Buyers’ brief: Fintech drives capital markets

17th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators in the US and Europe have ramped up their oversight on capital markets institutions, driving up compliance costs. Firms are also seeing revenue stagnate as margins are squeezed ever tighter at a time when market volatility is low and outflows increase as investor interest in passive investments... read more

It’s a bot’s life

16th September 2019

The LED flickered then glowed, casting its green shadow onto the dust of the worn printed circuit board, known simply as Motherboard. A feint click had preceded the awakening of the power supply, summoned from standby and the temperature began to rise in the system unit. The stamped foil asset label on the casing, smudged on one upturned corner,... read more

Firms lagging in choosing SFTR systems

10th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
A large portion of the market is yet to choose systems for Securities Financing Transactions Regulations (SFTR) compliance due to uneasiness around interpretations of the rules, according to Herve Carrere, director of post trade product management at Finastra. “We can see that several firms are still in the phase of considering choosing a... read more