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Exploring AI in wealth management

5th May 2020

Company: Profile Software
However, the investment management sector heavily relies on customer preferences as well as on the ability of the sector to adjust to industry standards, so technology evolution is usually the least of the wealth management firm’s concerns, or isn’t it? How has technology reshaped the industry in the past decade? Back in 2010 many... read more

Report: Quants restrategise after markets plummet

29th April 2020

Company: bobsguide
Quant funds have had a hectic month. Many notable quants – Millennium, DE Shaw, Two Sigma – suffered losses at the end of March, leading some commentators to question if another “quant quake” like that seen in 2007 could be on the horizon. Things have been looking slightly brighter for quants over the past two weeks,... read more

Customer identity and access management for banks

28th April 2020

The financial services sector is a pioneer of digitalisation. With online banking constantly evolving, the industry and its disruptors continue to spearhead customer experience (CX) innovation and shake up the status quo. As digital offerings from FS organisations become increasingly sophisticated, however, user demands have risen rapidly.... read more

Protecting staff and supporting customers with cloud contact centres

16th April 2020

As the pandemic continues to radically change our lives, customer services and contact centres are a critical resource that provide support and guidance to concerned people. Financial services organisations are experiencing major additional customer service workload, driven by customer requests for financial assistance, on top of business-as-usual... read more

Automation to simplify insurance claims

8th April 2020

Arbitration, a means of resolving disputed cases through a third-party mediator, offers an attractive alternative to solving complex claims through the courts. When paired with automation, it has the potential to deliver cost and time efficiencies across claim operations, which are experiencing pressure in three key areas: Costly court cases... read more

Ten things you need to know about the Shareholder Rights Directive II

25th March 2020

The clock is ticking on the European Union (EU)’s Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II), which comes into force on 3 September 2020. It’s part of a cross-sector industry initiative to improve the existing set of standards on corporate actions and general meetings for listed equities, whilst addressing other issues for which the... read more

COVID-19: our action plan

16th March 2020

Company: bobsguide
Dear reader, As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, we continue to hear and read unsettling stories from around the globe. At bobsguide, we recognise that the need for articulate, up to date and informative reporting is going to be crucial, as businesses restructure and economies readjust. Over the coming days and months our content delivery... read more

Does your client-facing technology measure up?

10th March 2020

With rapid advancements in data and analytics, today’s client-facing technology (CFT) has emerged as a competitive advantage for funds. It encompasses data, analytics, projections and other critical information – all personalised for investment managers and their clients. As technology capabilities have soared, so too have client... read more

How AI can bring new insight to private equity deals

26th February 2020

At a time when deals are more competitive than ever and asset prices are soaring, private equity (PE) firms need to do everything they can to avoid deals turning sour. Yet in recent months we have seen prime examples of how ignoring the web of a target company’s extended network can cause problems. Here, we’ll look at some examples of... read more

Buyers brief: asset managers must innovate to avoid shakeout

11th February 2020

Company: bobsguide
For more than a decade, the asset management industry has witnessed large-scale consolidation driven by increased margin pressures, as investors continue to shift their savings away from active funds in favour of cheaper passive investment strategies. This exodus from active funds shows little sign of slowing however, with US passive funds... read more