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Using neuroscience to banish presenteeism from the financial sector

2nd June 2020

Presenteeism is a deep-rooted issue in financial organisations, with a drastically negative impact on personal wellbeing and billions of pounds worth of impact on the UK economy. Employees who are physically present but are unable to work at full capacity because of poor mental health are shadows of themselves. And often the issue stems from... read more

At 60, COBOL continues to power FS

9th September 2019

Company: Micro Focus
In the world of commerce, disruptive technology can make all the difference, but so often comes from simple idea, and usually one borne out of necessity. Caxton’s printing press was based on the need to produce larger quantities of written material to the court. The automobile was an attempt to support greater workforce mobility to the... read more

Post-Brexit software support required for SMEs

23rd November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Small businesses are still struggling to figure out the implications of Brexit and will have a “desperate need for support”, says Pamela Novoa Ralli Sage’s vice president, product. “We fundamentally believe that Brexit will have an impact on our customers, probably much bigger than the impact something like GDPR had.... read more

Report: Fintech startups need to up their game in increasingly turbulent funding rounds

19th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
A new report has found that only 1 in 10 fintech startups succeed, with seed/angel investment dropping by 57% between 2010 and 2017. In 2010 average seed funding was $6.84m, a figure that fell to just $3m despite total funding rising from $205.3m to $851m, reinforcing the growing competition in the fintech market. The report also... read more

“Banks must prepare for API unknowns”

12th April 2018

Company: bobsguide
A lack of clarity over the potential products and services spawning from the open banking revolution will make it difficult for the industry to prepare for how the market will change. “I don’t think there’s anyone that can tell you what kind of services will be delivered off the back of these APIs,” says Nick White, vice... read more

Streamlined and secure: How the cloud will benefit core banking

7th February 2018

Company: RedPixie
Cloud, namely VDI, is one of the fastest growing solutions as CIOs quickly realise that the vast improvements in security and underlying infrastructure are paving the way to greater efficiency, reduced IT spend, and greater scalability. In 2018, we continue to see maturing cloud technology accepted into mainstream enterprise operations.  ... read more

Regulatory efficiency: Ten steps to get off the regulatory treadmill

21st November 2017

Company: zeb
Volker Abel - Senior Manager, zeb Frankfurt, Martin Hluze - Manager, Office Vienna, Benjamin Banner - Senior Consultant, Office Munich, Fiammetta Rubinacci - Senior Consultant, Office Zurich  The regulatory treadmill of the banking industry European banks have been affected by comprehensive... read more

Optimising marketing channels at scale: Why and how?

18th October 2017

Company: Fospha
We have previously discussed how marketing channel optimisation is contingent on two processes; data integration and attribution. The first article, on data integration, covered the importance of tracking, stitching and integrating customer data from the entire end-to-end customer journey in order to produce a granular single customer view. The... read more

Editor’s picks: How Big Data and AI are changing banking

15th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
How business intelligence is revolutionising banking Ilan Hertz, Head of digital marketing at Sisense In the early 1990's, the increasing popularity of automated teller machines (ATM's) revolutionised banking, lowering the number of tellers required for each branch and allowing thousands of new branches to be opened as a result. ... read more