The zero-fee mobile trading revolution: Remaining competitive yet compliant

22nd March 2019

Company: Trulioo
The monumental shift from online to mobile trading has gone hand in hand with digital natives and the convenience it provides. But such democratisation comes with a warning – compliance is as critical to mainstream success as ease of use and information quality. Emerging firms now seek to break the stranglehold of the incumbent brokers in... read more

Soc Gen considering new payments pricing system post-Brexit

21st March 2019

Company: bobsguide
Should the UK’s banks reconsider pricing mechanisms as they leave the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Société Générale may follow suit according to the French bank’s deputy head of global transaction banking and payment services, Benoit Desserre. “The UK by leaving the SEPA area will gain full... read more

The new normal of the payments ecosystem: Demand of excellent customer experiences and increasing industry regulation

21st March 2019

Company: Accuity
Competition and innovation has been an enormous force for good in driving the speed of change in the payment ecosystem to meet ever increasing customer expectations for excellent payments experiences. Now, with disruption of the payments landscape continuing apace, nimble, creative fintechs are challenging the ground held by established payment... read more

Big bang avoidance and APIs will boost systems integration for banks

20th March 2019

Company: bobsguide
Banks must start small and ensure that incremental development enables them to learn about their systems, while a sudden, “big bang” launch should be avoided at all costs. That’s according to DNB Bank’s senior IT project manager, Carla Padró. “You don’t actually need to have core systems integration... read more

Isla’s Dale on CSDR: Settlement efficiency needs to step up a notch

20th March 2019

Company: bobsguide
Challenges brought about by the introduction of the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) means that settlement efficiency must improve, according to Adrian Dale, the International Securities Lending Association’s (Isla) director of regulatory policy and market practice. “The Isla CSDR working group is mainly focusing on... read more

Reliance on manual accounting protocols leading to data and security issues

20th March 2019

Company: bobsguide
A lack of automation in accounting and payroll systems has resulted in firms struggling to reconcile data – which could lead to data and security issues, says Modulr CEO, Myles Stephenson. “The fact that the end customer or the accountancy practice has to deal with that manual process, and that being extremely... read more

Capital rules provide good news for banks’ credit facilities

20th March 2019

Company: Prometeia
The European Commission’s proposal to amend the single rulebook, the "banking package" – the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), and Single Resolution Mechanism Regulation (SRMR) has finally reached its final stages after more than... read more

Interview: Carlos Domingo aims to secure markets

19th March 2019

Company: FinTech Connect
Carlos Domingo is a senior executive, entrepreneur, investor, and currently the CEO and co-founder of Securitize.  Before becoming the CEO of Securitize, Carlos co-founded and launched SPiCE VC, a fully tokenized VC fund. In order to ensure global compliance for SPiCE VC, Carlos and his team created the security token... read more

Future-proofing your business in the evolving Brazilian payments market

19th March 2019

Company: Compass Plus
Brazil is the ninth largest economy in the world, but its payments market has always been regarded as extremely concentrated. This is not surprising considering the majority of debit and credit cards in circulation were issued by four major banks, and 9 in 10 cards were either Visa or Mastercard, until 2007. However, in recent years there has been... read more