NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring

The NetReveal® AML Transaction Monitoring solution employs advanced detection analytics and investigator-centric design to help minimise your reputational and regulatory exposure and reduce the cost of compliance.

An end-to-end AML compliance solution

NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring is an end-to-end solution that manages all aspects of anti-money laundering detection, investigation and reporting requirements. Investigator-centric interface helps financial institutions spot signs of suspicious activity, minimise reputational and regulatory exposure and reduce the cost of compliance.

The solution provides a global view of financial crime and offers flexibility to monitor and quickly update an organisation’s AML detection strategies, employing a “white-box” detection engine that can be easily explained to regulators.

NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring provides:

  • Alert intelligence – displays transactions related to an alert and compares these transactions to the historical behaviour of the customer and their accounts to provide background to their activity
  • Intelligent entity-based investigations – improves investigator efficiency on average by 20-30%. Investigators are presented with a single combined alert, rather than multiple alerts for each triggered activity
  • Spark enabled detection engine – reduces batch processing times against transactional data. Improving profiling and detection that formerly took hours to process now gets processed within 30 minutes on average
  • Cross filters – places transaction data within a single user interface so investigators can easily visualise a customer’s flow of funds by channels, currencies, accounts, and countries. Cross filters, alongside Link Analysis, shows users the wider network of where and who the transactions are being sent to.

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