Cassini Systems - Margin and Collateral Analytics

Front-to-back, pre-trade to end-of-day margin, collateral and cost analysis across the entire lifecycle of a trade for any asset class and for cleared/uncleared derivatives. Monitor, optimize and ensure transparency on margin and ensure collateral liquidity; lowering the carry cost of derivatives.

Founded in 2014, Cassini Systems offers an award-winning derivatives margin analytical platform that provides the industry’s only front-to-back margin and cost analysis across the entire lifecycle of a trade. Cassini users can calculate any margin on any cleared or uncleared derivatives asset; analyze drivers and movement in margin exposure; reduce Initial Margin levels; and maximize margin efficiency with the firm’s industry leading, advanced algorithms. Cassini services have a proven track record of enhancing portfolio returns at every point in the daily business cycle, empowering traders and portfolio managers with the ability to analyze instantly in the pre-trade stage the all-in, lifetime cost of a transaction. Top-tier hedge funds, asset managers and Tier 1 banks rely on Cassini for powerful, flexible, automated tools to manage their portfolios of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives products. For more information, visit

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Initial margin, derivatives, collateral, analytics, life-time cost, collateral liquidity, UMR, SIMM