Payments Management

Businesses typically need to manage complex relationships between their back-office ledgers and their bank accounts. With the introduction of virtual accounts, it is possible to create a hierarchy of virtual accounts that can map to their ledger and act like a bank account.

Our platform seamlessly integrates a business’s Accounts Payable (AP) process from their back-office through virtual accounts to the bank. We offer multiple options for payment initiation from manual entry through batch uploads to API calls.

With payments being initiated from the virtual accounts and with cash limit controls, it is possible for businesses to maintain the correct controls for all their payments. This is particularly important for any regulated organisation. Businesses can improve their efficiencies through the aggregation of payments, nettings and part payments.

Our platform provides documentary evidence in the form of Excel, Word and PDF documents, and images and photographs can be stored against transactions for audit and control purposes including during the authorisation workflow.