Clareti Transaction Control

Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) has been designed to provide financial institutions with complete certainty in their reconciliation processing.  Historically, financial institutions have had to struggle with multiple reconciliation systems which have proved difficult to deploy, difficult to operate and costly to support.  This has typically led to a mushrooming of spreadsheet use across the organisation, a backlog of reconciliations and the danger that regulatory control will be compromised.   A single instance of CTC can now solve all these problems.

CTC combines best-in-class performance with future-proofed technology, providing real-time reconciliation and matching based on business-driven controls.  It’s highly flexible and fully scalable meaning that it can meet the diverse needs of not only the traditional areas of cash and securities reconciliations but also burgeoning areas such as derivatives, futures, options, commodities or any intersystem data type.  CTC is also very simple to deploy and operate meaning that onboarding can be reduced from many months to just a few days.  In short, CTC provides financial institutions with a robust, comprehensive and cost effective solution to meet the increased focus on real-time financial certainty.

CTC enables:

·       Very rapid reconciliation, verification and validation of transactions

·       The optimisation of business performance

·       Quick and accurate identification of operational risks

·       Prevention of data errors

·       Reduction of financial transaction loss events

·       Reduced risk

·       Quick launch of new financial products

·       Regulatory requirements to be met in full

·       Reduction in deployment, hardware and operational costs

·       Evidence of control and integrity

·       Spreadsheet replacement

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