Electra Settlements

Trade and Settlement Notification

Electra Settlements is a post-trade automation tool for custodian trade and client notifications, confirmations/affirmations and settlement instructions. Designed for asset managers, it provides a central nexus connecting investment managers, custodians, prime brokers, clients and other third-party participants.

Electra Settlements aggregates trade data and sends it electronically to your brokers, custodians, prime brokers, clients and other parties using industry standard and proprietary formats and communication protocols. Electra Settlements features a comprehensive selection of built-in rules that allows you to automate not only your standard post-trade processing, but also those exceptional situations that require special handling and create additional workload for your staff.

Unlike tool-kit based solutions that add to your overhead, this turn-key solution allows you to focus on your business while managing operational costs. Electra Settlements enables you to mitigate settlement risk, gain control of the status of your settlements, work with your best-practice and informed workflows, and affirms trades quickly. Through Electra Settlements, investment managers can effectively eliminate time consuming, manual matching, mitigate failed trades and enhance staff productivity – leading to an improved bottom line.


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trade messaging , trade affirmation, trade confirmation, SWIFT transmission, ISO15022, Omgeo Oasys, notification, SSI