It is a comprehensive Asset, Portfolio and Fund Management system that caters for all industry standard Securities and related operations. It empowers the bank and investment companies to manage the bank related Assets, Funds and Portfolios along with the customers’ related investments. The system operates in a central mode, where whenever any transaction is processed in the main company for any fund, the system will automatically process the relevant entry in the Fund Book. Apart from handling all types of transactions, the system computes various types of expenses and incomes.

Moreover, the system handles Margin Trading, Collateral Management and Custodian Management. The system offers all kind of reports and charts with drill down facility. STP: Front, Middle and Back Office.

iMAL*Assets handles all transactions from the middle to the back office, i.e. processing transactions for all the bank portfolios (clients and Mutual Funds) along with their related settlement instructions.

iMAL*Assets is fully integrated with iMAL*CSM, iMAL*2RetailPortal, iMAL*2CorporatePortal, and iMAL*2Mobile, which operate as front office systems thus allowing a complete order and request management.

The back office, Processing Settlement Transactions are fully integrated with iMAL*SWIFT-STP.


Product and service specifications
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Language used
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Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Windows 7
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
• Other
Pricing structure
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User interface
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