Optimise and administer your portfolio management with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Revola assists you sustainably through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the analysis, the forecasting and the management of your institutional or private investment portfolio and supports you in identifying better alternative investments or enhanced portfolio compositions. The result is higher performance while diminishing risk.  

Our solution:

Complement your traditional risk figures with modern AI methods with our algorithms, we combine traditional key risk figures of the portfolio analysis with Artificial Intelligence. Revola derives early-warning information from “weak signals” and is able to detect risks sooner and more precisely. Especially in challenging and volatile markets, Revola proves to be a useful tool to reduce excessive portfolio risk. The algorithm acts across asset classes, analysing the totality of available information, to supply you with valuable new impulses. Any data issue is already solved inside Revola. 

Revola can be used in three main areas:

  1. Modern risk measures including an automatic alert system on level client or investment

    Revola calculates very precisely, stable and fast modern risk measures for a portfolio or any individual security across all asset classes (e.g. equities, fixed income, funds). The risk measures include a forward-looking component which makes the risk measures very reactive to financial market movements like e.g. during the corona crisis.
  2. Monitor and analyse investment portfolios systematically 

    Real world scenarios or forward-looking projections help to better anticipate portfolio movements and to align client risk appetite with the invested portfolio. Macro-economic analyses, precise risk figures and customer-specific advices on single-asset or portfolio level as well as risk trends support you in decision-making or investment proposals. Further, regulatory requirements such as MIFID can be mastered effectively. 
  3. Boost performance substantially while reducing risk through an AI-based optimization

    Revola supports several optimization approaches for an active portfolio management in different frequencies such as monthly or quarterly. Any recommendation is on level single asset using a cluster approach to assure comparability of rebalancing proposals. The optimization is unique since it is two folded. The first level optimizes the product shelf of a financial institution where the second level the individual client portfolio. This two folded approach increases drastically the quality of a recommendation, whether in a hybrid approach, discretionary mandates, active advisory or robo solution. 

Sustainable risk evaluation as the optimal basis for decision-making, Revola offers holistic and efficient support in the analysis and the management of your portfolio‘s risk and provides stimuli for action alternatives.


  • Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Insurances
  • Pension funds


  • Improve returns while reducing risks of an institutional or private portfolio
  • Digitalize investment advisory
  • Start using AI in portfolio management
  • Complement a digital advisory process with precise, fast and modern risk measurement including alerts



Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computation, Big Data, quantitative finance


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• C++
• Java
• Python
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• Linux
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, investment portfolio management, risk management