IBOR Legacy Transition Solution

Managing your conduct risk effciently

Our user-friendly IBOR legacy solution efficiently combines both a customisable workflow and independent pricing validation. We provide market participants with a controlled and fully auditable solution that can be flexed to meet organisational-specific use cases.


The Challenges

The need to re-negotiate and amend legacy contracts or to execute a cessation event affects a large number of financial contract and various products, from retail mortgage loans to CSAs.

Undefined transition paths, heterogeneous levels of client sophistication and time pressure increase the complexity of the undertaking. Operational effort and legal risks are the consequence.

A centralised and technology enabled approach becomes key for a successful and risk managed IBOR transition project.

LPA’s IBOR solution is the only tool to provide a guided start to finish workflow with a full audit trail and independent pricing functionalities.


Consistent client experience:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Facilitate Steering & Governance


Our solution

The IBOR legacy transition solution provides firms with a controlled and fully auditable response to transition management.

The tool supports the workflow end-to-end, integrates all relevant stakeholders and provides independent pricing capabilities.

New documents for client outreach and confirmation of amendments can be produced automatically based on existing information.

it is user friendly, while remaining highly customisable to meet organisational specific use cases.

LPA IBOR also comes with customizable export formats for your Management Information System (MIS) and extensive reporting capabilities.



Full audit history (internal and external)

effectively mitigates conduct risk with supporting rationale for all actions taken and decisions made at a granular level.

Validation of internal pricing

against an independent valuation provides protection in case of future complaints or investigations.

Streamlined workflows

enable client managers to negotiate quickly in a controlled environment.

Increased efficiency

and reduced operational burden of the transition management process.

Built in management information system (MIS)

provides senior stakeholders with a real time holistic view for programme oversight.


IBOR Legacy Transition Workflow

1. Automated client outreach

Support to send generated documents per Mail or to standard REST endpoints (dependent on individual client system)

2. Selection transition path

Depending on client preference/product

3. Transition pricing

Calculate tradable price or provide independent pricing validation

4. Automated rebooking

Group, select and transition deals together or individually

5. Completed transition

Full audit history, documents and data versioning



  • Automated notifications
  • Load deals
  • Action lists
  • Automated document production
  • Track negotiation
Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
Language used
• C#
• Python
Operating system
• Windows 2012
Pricing structure
• Subscription-based
User interface
• Web