Digital Client Interaction

Enabling digital product advice and presentations


The current sales approach for financial products is still manual and inconsistent, engaging your Sales staff in a time-consuming process involving various data sources. Global collaboration or working from home is almost impossible. This environment calls for a re-thinking of client interaction. Switching to our digital advisory process enriches your OTC, SRP and Fund Sales.

Our Solution

Optimize your digital client communication with our state of the art digital client interaction solution. It offers banks the tools to increase revenues by increasing effciency, traceability and reducing costs while fully adhering to regulatory and operational requirements.

Harmonisation of sales material

Homogeneous corporate design across all business units, geographies and client channels.

Reduction of operational risks

Centralized Golden Source integrated into internal systems avoid the need to manually enter client information.

Enrich client experience

Enrich your advisory by interactively capturing the client’s situation, through trade specifc scenario analysis and explanatory videos.

Reduce costs

Reduction in meeting preparation times through automation allows the sales team to focus on client engagement.

Document repository

The digital advisory process serves as a central document repository for all documentation (i.e. Termsheet, KID).

MiFiD II compliant advisory

Ensure regulatory compliance through automated target market, suitability and risk appetite checks and report generation.

Analytics module

Track client’s behaviour to provide relevant sales approach.

Fully or partly automated process

Capability to use the processes with the sales team or fully automated to increase customer interaction.


Digital Product Presentation

Modern, interactive and individually designed customer experience

  • Enhanced client interaction and consulting
  • Automated and improved consulting process, transparent and verifable
  • Simplifes the product explanation
  • Improves market reputation



Benefits vs. Traditional Sales Approach

Switching to a digital advisory process has benefts for you on all the different stages of the sales process


Your Benefits

  • Reduced operational risk & burden
  • Consistent & appropriate outreach
  • Signifcant time savings through process and system simplifcation
  • Streamlined & automated interaction process
  • Increase number of advisory sessions per sales person



Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
Language used
• C#
• Python
Operating system
• Windows 2012
Pricing structure
• Subscription-based
User interface
• Web
digital selling, consistent sales, professional presentation, sales pitch, document delivery, client presentation