Comarch Cyber Threat Protection

Comarch Cyber Threat Protection is an online threat prevention and anti-identity theft platform for workstations and mobile devices. This solution is transparent for end-users, which means that no need to install any additional software.

The platform tracks both end-user activity and their devices to calculate partial and general scoring for authentication, authorization, or any other operations. The scoring is reflective of device recognition and cyber threat-repository data. For this purpose, a lot of different artifacts are collected, based on tamper detection, or browser and device fingerprints.

The CTP platform is a rule-based system that collects and utilizes indicators to evaluate the risks related to the end-user activity. The solution has a modular structure and can be delivered as-is or as an SDK library. All results are available in detail for the administrator’s review on a graphical dashboard and can be used for threshold fine-tuning based on the false-positive analysis.

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