Assisted-Serve: Call Center and In-Branch Digital Demos

Both Call-Center and In-Branch employees need easy access to digital information when talking to customers. Our Digital Demos are used by the frontline when talking to customers about all aspects of digital banking.  Both Call-Center and In-Branch employees can quickly answer digital questions, share Digital Demos via email and in-branch via self-serve tablets or kiosks.

The Importance of Contact Center Digital Banking Conversation with Customers 

As customers look for more and more digital banking support from contact centers especially given

Increasing Employee Knowledge and Confidence. Many Contact Center employees do not have access to a mobile phone while on calls or they may not bank with you. Contact Center employees use Horizn to increase their confidence in your bank’s digital capabilities.

Improving Customer Experience and Decreasing Call Times. When customers call for support, employees can walk them through a demo. With our Digital Demos, while on the phone, employees can see exactly what the customer is seeing and guide them on the digital journey.

Reducing Call Volumes through Direct Customer Support. Banks are integrating Digital Demos within their websites, support channels, and customer communications to provide support while deferring calls and decreasing call volumes.

The Importance of In-Branch Digital Banking Conversations with Customers

COVID-19 has accelerated longstanding consumer and business shifts away from the branch and toward digital channels. Assuming that digital channels become the default sooner than previously expected, the role of the branch will necessarily evolve, although human-centered support will remain essential especially in transitioning to new models.  

In-Branch Digital Demos are being used to increase digital conversations and enable virtual or hip-to-hip digital demos in-branch with frontline employees and customers on mobile devices, tablets, and kiosks.

Firms that excel in both digital and in-person human-to-human customer engagement will win in the ‘new normal’.”

Digital Conversations Virtual and In Branch: Digital Demos help In-Branch staff have digital conversations and demo digital banking features to customers, either directly to customers through virtual channels as well as through social distance demos in-branch. Digital demos are also distributed on Kiosks and Tablets in-branch.

Email Referral: Sharing Demos with Customers Via Email: Branch and Call Center staff share Digital Demos with customers through the platform with an email link generated for each specific demo (in-branch, or in call centers while on the call or post call).