Frontline Employee Direct: Employee Digital Learn Platform

Frontline Employee Direct: Our Employee Platform is an interactive gamified platform designed to rapidly increase digital fluency among Bank employees. The platform ensures the bank's workforce is digitally aware, knowledgeable and prepared to support customers on the retail floor and in the call center the second all your digital innovation goes to market

Empower employees with knowledge and the ability to convey this knowledge to your customers, accelerating adoption of all the banks digital capabilities.


Horizn Platform Methodolgy

Our platform accelerates digital adoption by using an approach that combines gamification, micro-learning simulation methodology, and in-depth analytics.

Digital Demos

 Our Digital Demos educate employees and customers about all things digital. Banks are embedding simulators within websites, mobile apps, chatbots, marketing campaigns, online FAQs, and email.


Horizn uses micro-learning methodology; learning through short, digestible content. Complex mobile and digital features are split into small units focused on product features and the desired learning behavior.


Game mechanics are integrated into the platform. Gamifying the learning experience supports a healthy competitive culture, makes learning fun, and drives engagement, adoption, and loyalty.

Reporting Dashboard

Executives, managers and digital ambassadors can access reports by branch/call centers and transit productivity. Performance is tracked for learning activity, number of demos with customers, and shared demos.