Kx Streaming Analytics Platform

The Kx Streaming Analytics platform provides a framework for the design, build, deployment and operation of big data solutions. Solutions created on the Kx framework have extensive redundancy, fault tolerance, query filtering, alerting, reporting and visualization features. They are used for stock market analysis, algorithmic trading, predictive analytics, scientific analysis, and embedded-sensor data capture for IoT use cases.

The Kx Streaming Analytics platform includes the following components:

• Kx Analyst for exploring, investigating and transforming data at development time

• Kx Dashboards for rich visualization and insights into data at runtime

• APIs to retrieve and stream data over web services and integrate it with client applications

The components are combined in a single download and installation procedure and can be integrated into any continuous-integration workflow, both on-premises and within cloud infrastructures. In combination, they present features and capabilities that enable swift development and robust functioning of streaming analytics applications to solve business problems.

Product and service specifications
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Language used
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Operating system
• Linux
• Max OS X
• Windows 10
Pricing structure
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Streaming analytics

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