EASY Employee App

Employers are currently facing a new and unique challenge, they must be able to track and trace infection in their own workforce comprehensively and reliably. The faster this process works, the more effective early measures and reactions can be.

EASY Software has recently developed an app giving your employees simple access to company news feeds, sickness reports, holiday requests and a health radar module.

The Health Radar Module within the EASY Employee App will allow users to report a positive test for an infectious disease.

How can the Health Module benefit your finance department? 

  • Prevent contact between employees automatically to disrupt infection chains
  • Inform all affected employees automatically
  • Advise employees to work from home if they become at risk
  • Keep the data within your company
  • Useful for COVID-19 as well as other infectious diseases like influenza

To stay ahead of the game, and move communication from desk to pocket please contact us or find out more here

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