ReconArt Credit Card Reconciliation

ReconArt is an integrated, fully web-based, best practice solution designed to automate and manage all aspects of business data reconciliation. It is fully configurable, scalable, fast, and a technology leader in the complex high-volume transaction matching.

ReconArt is a fit-for-purpose solution for credit card reconciliation. This type of payment reconciliation can represent a number of business processes from sales transactions, to vendor payments, or even employee expenses. Typically, it requires the regular matching of transactions on the organization’s credit card statements to the corresponding items on the internal ledgers. Other sources of data can also be involved, like POS or e-commerce applications, corporate expense systems, and bank statements. Once all credit card activity has been reconciled, any remaining unmatched items are left for further investigation.

Core capabilities

Multi-stepped matching to suit any process (card statement, payment gateway, bank, GL, POS)

Full support for all typical file formats

Automation of data import and matching

Robust exception management and reporting

All types of matching relationships supported

Key benefits

Considerable reduction in the manual effort required for reconciliation

Easy to identify fraudulent items and mispostings

Financial risk reduction

Enhanced control and improved operational efficiency

Minimal IT resources needed as the users are self-sufficient

Scalability and flexibility


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Product and service specifications
Language used
• C#
Operating system
• N/A
Pricing structure
• Subscription-based
User interface
• Web
Credit card reconciliation, POS, Merchant, e-commerce transactions, Payments