NetReveal Sanctions and PEP Screening

NetReveal helps institutions comply with internal, domestic and international watch list enforcement regulations by identifying high-risk and sanctioned individuals or entities. Rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time, all while delivering accurate alerts.

Key Features include: 

  • Worldwide coverage – sanctioned entities, PEPs, individuals, and beneficial owners are screened against 350+ global watch lists 
  • Concatenated free text matching – increases strength of detection by alerting on sanctioned entities or persons that have intentionally included too many or removed spaces to avoid detection by screening systems 
  • Entity-based investigations – improves investigator efficiency on average by 20-30%. Investigators are presented with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity in one user interface, rather than individual alerts for each triggered activity
  • Supervisor-controlled queuing and routing – provides a 10% average productivity gain by prioritising alerts by urgency.

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