Evaluate, reduce and actively manage your cyber risk. BAE Systems delivers the confidence you need to support digital transformation and change. We provide three services for a comprehensive cyber threat defence: Cyber Risk Services, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Incident Response. 

  • Cyber strategy and leadership
  • Cyber diagnostics
  • Cyber risk assessment and management
  • Cyber policy and governance
  • Platform security review
  • Cyber portfolio and programme management
  • Security improvement services

Cyber Threat Intelligence Service
Our cyber threat intelligence team investigates and tracks cyber attacks against organizations around the world. From these investigations we build rich profiles of high-priority threat actor campaigns. As we continue to follow these threat actors, we update their profiles with new observations, and we use the insights to shape and feed our cyber security services.
Threat intelligence customers receive both technical data feeds and contextualized reports via a secure portal. With access to our technical experts, we can assist with investigating suspected cyber attack activity. This spans the range of activities from deeply technical malware reverse-engineering to the broader understanding of socio-political situations and attribution analysis.


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