Matrix lending & leasing

Build and launch your flexible loan & lease management within months.

Matrix lending & leasing: Manages the full life cycle of the agreement, keeps track of borrowing, lending, leasing and third-party debt management. 

It's a proven calculation and management engine that currently supports multiple banks in handling their lending and borrowing product administration.

What does Matrix lending & leasing offer?

  • Available loan types include consumer and corporate lending, revolving credit facilities, mortgages, hire purchase, financial and operational leasing and any asset backed lending
  • Advanced repayment structure with equal principal, equal payments and irregular payments
  • Flexible interest calculation, fee structure, notification and collection processes
  • Number of term change types, including shorten/ lengthen repayment structure and payment or principal holidays
  • Payment management Collateral management, Loan to value calculations
  • General ledger entries

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