Payment Payments is the complete payments solution, which supports multiple networks including users, payment channels and interbank networks through a secure environment for payment transactions.  It covers all major payments instruments (credit transfers, direct debits, corporate payments) and can be deployed as stand-alone or as part of the Core Banking platform. Payments facilitates domestic and international fund transfers, automates and monitors the full cycle of payments and efficiently ensures compliance with the business workflows.

Key features include:

  • Extended multi-currency support
  • Fully regulatory compliance (SWIFT, SCT & SDD SEPA, other payment networks)
  • Centralised administration of all payments
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) that increases throughput, reduces transaction time, eliminates human errors and ensures validity
  • Process standardization: well-defined and optimised payments process flows
  • Format independent Payments Message Processing
  • Open architecture
    • Secure, public, online API provision towards compliance with PSD2 directive
    • Integration with legacy core banking systems
    • Automated interfaces with external payment systems (SWIFT, SEPA Participant systems, etc.)
    • Native integration with the Core Banking system
  • Transformation, routing and consolidation services
  • Scalability through parallel processing or by using load balancing


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Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
Language used
• C#
• C++
Operating system
• Windows 2012
Pricing structure
• Other
User interface
• Terminal
• Web
Payments systems