BankSense – Automated Cash Analytics from AccessPay

Critical cash management insight that empowers treasury and finance decision making

  • Generate Revenue – Automated cash management data is delivered early in the day, meaning you can capitalise on better returns available before currency cut-off times.
  • Increase Operating E­fficiency – No more spreadsheet building and manual data gathering. View all your balances in one place and automatically reconcile your bank statements against ledger forecasts.
  • Out-of-the-box Risk Management & Reporting – Risk management reporting and alerts allow you to quickly detect anomalies and trends on the balance sheet.

The challenge facing treasury and finance

Data, specifically cash and liquidity data is fundamental to the success of treasury and finance functions across all corporate organisations. The problem is, many treasury and finance professionals find huge amounts of their time is spent gathering this data. Data that is key to balance sheet reporting, cash flow forecasting, risk management, investment decision making and strategic planning. Because this information is held across many disparate sources, the process for gathering this data is time consuming and error prone. Often typified in the compilation of balance sheet reporting next day, using the previous days end-of-day statement and the present days ledger, determining accurate end-of-day positions is a challenge. The result? Treasury and finance professionals using out-of-date or inaccurate cash and liquidity data to drive decision making.

The solution is automation

BankSense automates the process of gathering cash and liquidity data by routing your organisations statement and intra-day balance information from multiple banks, regardless of location, into a single, intuitive dashboard. BankSense normalises this data and allows you to consume it in a way that suits your organisation; by region, by bank, by currency, by business unit or by legal entity. BankSense users are also able to export these files for easy ERP integration. Automated intra-day statement feeds combined with the ability for BankSense users to upload ledger files to the system delivers enhanced daily cash position forecasting. Combined with risk reporting and alerting, the result is an efficient treasury and finance function able to pro-actively invest cash and avoid unnecessary bank overdraft charges.

What will BankSense do for my Treasury or Finance team?

BankSense unlocks the potential of the treasury and finance team to drive revenue growth and contribute to key strategic decision making by automating the time consuming and risky process of cash and liquidity data gathering

  • Automated Cash Visibility – View your cash balances across multiple banks, accounts, currencies, countries and even business units in a customisable dashboard. Easily access, view and export bank statements for further interrogation and ERP integration.
  • Cash Forecasting & Reconciliation – Generate instant end-of-day position forecasts by uploading payable and receivable files into BankSense. Empower your investment or financing decisions with a real-time view of current and expected cash positions.
  • Reporting and Alerting – By benchmarking balance data and intra-day cash flow data against historical averages, BankSense enables you to setup alerts for abnormal patterns or cash movements. Create reports that interrogate all the data that BankSense collects, for example Bank charges, which can be compiled to review interest charges and transaction fees by bank.
  • Risk Management – Alert your team to key risk events such as large exposures, peak liquidity usage, large cash in-flow and out-flow and late movements of cash.
  • Bank Statement Store – Your bank statements are automatically deconstructed and presented in a digestible format. Quickly search your statements for individual transactions, references or counterparties.
  • Rapid On-boarding – The automated feed of statement data that BankSense delivers is fed from MT940s sent to the BankSense BIC. With the feed able to be setup within 72 hours and easy user configuration, you can expect your BankSense automated cash management tool to be fully operational within a week from sign-up.
  • Easy Administration – Quickly add bank accounts, users and permissions to your BankSense instance using the admin tool. Restrict user views across your team or organisation and access online tutorials and user guides for fast user training.

How does BankSense work?

  1. Using the BankSense BIC – Route MT940 end-of-day statements and MT942 intra-day statements directly from your banks to the BankSense BIC.
  2. Using SWIFT – Connect your own SWIFT BIC to BankSense to route statement data directly into the BankSense dashboard.
  3. Using APIs – Use BankSense’s AISP status to collect and route statement feeds from your banking partners into the BankSense dashboard.

Here's how it works...

Empowering the Treasury and Finance team

BankSense unlocks the potential of the treasury and finance team to drive revenue growth and contribute to key strategic decision making by automating the time consuming and risky process of cash and liquidity data gathering.

BankSense for Treasury Analysts and Treasury Operations Managers

If you’re a Treasury Analyst or you manage a team of analysts, you’ll know that much of their time is focused on compiling daily cash position reporting and in many organisations, this process can take up half of the working day. In using BankSense, though, the Treasury Analysts time is unlocked. With automated cash management data, the analyst is free to analyse; to interrogate and deliver insights into the underlying detail on balance fluctuations, unusual balances and trends.

BankSense for Treasury Managers and Finance Directors

If you’re a Treasury Manager, or Finance Director, you’ll be tasked with delivering timely and accurate data to your front-office colleagues or the Corporate Treasurer for strategic financing and investment decisions. Not only that, you’re also more than likely challenged with reducing costs whilst balancing the need to improve risk management and data insights. BankSense’s reporting capability will allow you to identify opportunities for bank cost reduction and service improvements. Automated reconciliation allows you to view accurate positions intra-day by integrating key accounts payable and receivables data with your balance data.

BankSense allows the Treasury Manager or Finance Director to truly add value to the top line revenue of the organisation by identifying areas of improvement such as; cross currency pooling, uninvested or dormant cash and reduced balance buffers.

BankSense for the CFO or Corporate Treasurer

Risk management, regulatory compliance, and performance against cash management policy and targets are fundamental areas of responsibility for the CFO or Group Treasurer. BankSense provides decision makers with the automated alerts you need to monitor against these areas wherever you are. You’ll also have the confidence that your Treasury Operations team are being notified of these same alerts and acting on them.

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