Kx for Surveillance

While many surveillance solutions focus on specific aspects of data analysis (e.g. trade, voice, email), until now there has been no solution that can give true multi-factorial analysis across them all. Kx for Surveillance is that solution. By aggregating data across multiple sources and disparate formats it enables contextual analysis, workflow, audit and transparency that not only ensures regulatory compliance, but also gives massive operational savings through fewer false positives and efficiency in ensuring risk controls are met.

  • Data capture from multiple sources including exchanges, OTC, internal, social media, voice transcripts and other documents.
  • Centralized data management for cleansing, normalization and transformation.
  • A scalable and efficient architecture that can analyze the massive volumes of price discovery post execution and communications data  without farms of servers.
  • A visualization layer for displaying and distributing the results to the right people at the right time.
  • Fully extensible data model, analytics engines and output that can be configured to meet multiple regulatory requirements on one platform

The result is an enterprise platform that simultaneously addresses multiple regulatory and jurisdictional obligations while reducing the cost of regulatory change. By being configurable to each bank’s specific operating models, the platform is equally applicable to all lines of defence. Dynamic determination of parameters, sophisticated standard and bespoke algorithms and contextual analysis, together with comprehensive backtesting delivers significant productivity improvements.



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