MX.3 for Enterprise Collateral Management

MX.3 for Collateral Management is designed to simplify this method by centralizing collateral across functions and business lines for bilateral or cleared OTC, repo or securities lending, and exchange-traded derivatives products. This includes the calculation of CCP margins and bilateral BCBS/IOSCO WGMR margin rules, as well as firms’ own risk methodologies. Our exception-based workflow manager enables intra-day margining and high STP across the collateral chain, including connectivity with key market infrastructure.

MX.3 features an enterprise inventory manager for cash, security and commodity positions. It is synchronized in real time with positions, market data and settlement events from multiple sources, solving the fundamental collateral management challenge of timely data aggregation. This enables global visibility and resource sharing by providing an holistic overview of collateral management exposure. It helps the development of strategies for collateral allocation and funding optimization, asset lending transformation, and internal cost allocation.

MX.3 for Collateral Management overcomes inefficiencies in your organizational management by offering a single framework for enterprise-wide margining, optimization, regulatory compliance and collateral trading. It is designed to be flexible enough to support changing regulatory requirements while centralizing and simplifying them, ensuring that your business meets the needs of a continually changing compliance landscape.

As a SWIFT certified application, MX.3 for Collateral Management is available as a standalone solution or integrated with MX.3’s trading, operations and risk solutions.

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