The answer is in the Cloud

With Finastra, all financial institutions can enjoy the benefits of Cloud deployment

New entrants are coming into financial services, using cutting-edge technology to redefine the market and how it’s served. They are harnessing fast-to-market, agile cloud technology to establish a foothold and grow. To remain relevant and competitive in this changing business landscape, incumbents need to digitalize, and fast.

Cloud technology makes this possible. Its managed hosting and software as a service (SaaS) solutions promote faster access to innovation, transformation at scale, and speed to market.

This way, institutions can consume rather than own and run core applications, freeing up IT resources to focus on competitiveness and growth.

Finastra is helping clients deliver on their cloud banking goals, from start-ups making their first technology selection to established institutions planning their cloud technology roadmap. Our commitment is to offer clients the choice of cloud deployment for all major products.

FinCloud is based on over a decade’s experience delivering proprietary cloud banking solutions. Comprising a range of cloud banking solutions and a global cloud environment, it offers the financial services industry’s highest standards of security, performance and operating excellence in cloud operations. FinCloud is supported by the Microsoft Azure Cloud and an ecosystem of providers, systems integrators and consultants.

"With [Finastra’s] cloud solution, we benefit from high performance, high availability and strong security. [Finastra] takes care of every aspect of managing the solution so we can stay focused on our business." - Ferrante Zilioli, CIO, Banka Akros



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