Comarch Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Comarch Identity & Access Management (IAM) - Secure your business data and infrastructure while staying GDPR-compliant!

Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a solution that allows full control over the access to company’s applications, VPNs and workstations. It comes with world-class methods for identity lifecycle, authentication, authorization and accountability. Its modular architecture makes it easy to adapt to specific types of organizations across hierarchies and geographies.

The growing complexity of company structures and the increasing number of applications used at companies make user management a time-consuming and complicated task. A company can solve this problem by applying a centralized identity and access management solution, minimizing both human effort and errors.

The main beneficiaries of this solution are EU-based companies processing personal and sensitive data. Comarch IAM may be used for adjusting role and access permissions, granting remote access to company’s IT resources or delegating privileges. It also provides vital assistance in meeting the GDPR requirements.

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