Kx for MiFID and MAR

MiFID and MAR Solutions

The transaction monitoring and reporting requirements under MiFID/R II and MAR demand a powerful solution that functions beyond ‘regulated markets’, keeping pace with the new paradigm of closer market supervision. Kx has the technology solution and the resources to implement it and execute change.

Kx for MiFID and MAR accommodates all asset classes seamlessly, and provides real-time and T+1 alerting. It enables clients to independently define and amend alerts to cater for new and evolving market abuse techniques. Changing regulatory requirements mean that an investment with Kx will provide the best TCO.

With Kx for MiFID and MAR, users can change parameters to avoid false positives during busy markets, which reduces staff costs and drives better trading behaviour. Similarly, it provides access to all data sets: orders, trades, market data, reference data, company announcements, and electronic communications.

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