Firco Trust

With regulatory pressure ever increasing and watch lists ever changing, it can be a burden to ensure your organisation and its reputation are protected. In order to make certain that your bank or corporation can identify customers, partners, and counterparties who pose a risk to your business—including those who may be engaged in illicit financial activities, associated with sanctioned regions, or are politically exposed persons (PEPs)—you need screening software you can trust.

Firco Trust provides the powerful enterprise-level customer and entity screening trusted throughout the industry, giving users the speed and agility to stay ahead of the competition, from counterparty onboarding to ongoing relationship management. Our solutions are configurable and designed for complex infrastructures and requirements—and are relied upon by more than 180 customers worldwide.

Firco Trust combines filtering intelligence with high-performance processing capabilities, enabling users to implement know your customer (KYC) programmes by filtering new or existing customers, counterparties, or beneficiaries against sanctions, PEPs, or negative news lists.

With Firco Trust, you can:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance by improving customer and entity screening controls
  • Reduce the risk of doing business with risky parties
  • Effectively screen high-volume, complex environments
  • Configure filtering settings to match the risk policy for each business line

Firco Trust enables a risk-based approach to scan customer databases and offers a web-based user interface to streamline and expedite decision-making.

Benefits of Firco Trust


Filtering at the speed of business
Firco Trust’s powerful filtering engine determines in milliseconds if a record or name matches the lists selected, ensuring that all risky parties are identified.

Flexible screening solutions to meet your risk appetite
By utilising a combination of artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, and your choice of 33 algorithms, you can adapt the behaviour of the filtering engine to match your risk tolerance while keeping a highly optimised false-positive rate.

Regulator-ready reporting and audit documentation
Firco Trust ensures that your screening processes will meet regulatory standards and provides an audit trail to help protect your organisation.

List management tools increase accuracy and productivity
With Firco Trust’s list manager, you can consolidate multiple lists in a repository, enabling you to improve list quality and optimise risk control. A simulation tool allows you to test and document list changes before implementing in production.

Three Filtering Modes

Firco Trust is offered in three filtering modes to meet your business needs:

Batch filtering allows users to check large customer files against any list including sanctions, PEPs, internal lists, or third-party lists.

Real-time filtering is fully integrated into your environment and source systems, automatically detecting high-risk customers before opening a new account or high-risk counterparties before starting a new relationship.

On-demand filtering provides users with a stand-alone environment for ad hoc queries on customer or counterparty information and is designed for browser-based manual checks during the customer identification process.

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