GAIN Data Portal

GAIN Data Portal is dedicated to the efficient and compliant sourcing of reference and market data from popular data vendors.

This award-winning business application executes pre-defined data feed requests, stores the acquired data in a central repository, and makes the data accessible to all users, applications and accounts within the organization. GAIN Data Portal allows business users and applications to access data that has already been requested in a compliant way, and without incurring additional costs.

The software application includes a rich set of pre-built features including out-of-the-box connectors for popular market data feeds, web UI screens for monitoring data requests, and an API for accessing data from any application (e.g. Excel).

Benefits of GAIN Data Portal include:

Efficient Data Sourcing
• Central acquisition of market data across all accounts, BU’s, and users
• Reduce reliance on terminal based data access. (e.g. Bloomberg terminal)
• Access to the latest data without incurring additional costs

Full control over data usage
• Requests managed centrally by authorized users
• Usage tracking and monitoring across accounts
• Ensure enforcement of data entitlements
• Facilitates data quality controls and verification of vendor SLAs

Lower ongoing costs
• Immediate savings through sourcing optimization
• Facilitates transparent cost allocation 
• Reduced TCO

***WINNER: "Best Reference Data Newcomer (Product)" - 2017 Inside Reference Data & Inside Market Data Awards***

Product and service specifications
• Oracle
Language used
• C#
• Other
Operating system
• Windows 2000
• Windows 2003
• Windows 2012
• Windows 7
• Windows 8 & 8.1
• Windows NT4
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
Pricing structure
• Fixed
• Per seat
• Volume-based
• Other
User interface
• Web
• Other
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